Senator Government

Last night I offered McCain some unsolicited advice to win the debate. I posited that in order to win he needed to land a zinger. He didn’t. At least not intentionally. The one memorable line was a a Freudian slip in which McCain called Obama “Senator Government”. Totally appropriate but not premeditated in my opinion. McCain ain’t that good an actor.

6 thoughts on “Senator Government”

  1. During the debate. metaphorically of course, one could clearly see that if an armed terrorist would have entered the room Obama would have tried to reason with him, but McCain would have shot the terrorist.
    Not to worry McCain’s people will hammer home the openings that Obama left and others e.g. support for Israel.
    take care and be well

  2. McCain did nail Obama on the Public Campaign Financing, so he at least hit one of your points. “Senator Government” may end up being one of those memorable zinger lines, all the better because it was totally unintentional.
    McCain had his best performance of the 3 debates tonight. Don’t know it if will make a difference at this juncture.

  3. I’ve been checking aroung the net, and my favorite quote so far from a commenter at Michelle Malkin:
    “I have a feeling the conservative movement, like the GOP itself, needs an enema. Give me the Sarah Palins, Ted Nugents, and Rush Limbaughs over the effete snobs who stab us in the back.”
    We might add Joe the Plumber to the list.
    I thought McCain did much better this time around, I don’t trust the polls, and there is only a few weeks left, we’ll see.

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