Who? Bill Ayers?

Never heard of him. He’s just this… guy that… lives in the neighborhood. Yeah, that’s it. He’s just a neighborhood acquaintance. I think he’s a teacher.

The blistering criticism of Ayers comes as a shock to colleagues in UIC’s education building, where he is seen as “a really nice guy,” said Phillip Kisunzu, a post-doctoral research assistant in the curriculum and instruction department who works across the hall from Ayers. Kisunzu said he recently asked Ayers about the furor.
“I brought it up because I hear his name on the news,” Kisunzu said. “I heard it again today.”
Ayers’ office door is decorated with pictures of Mumia Abu-Jamal, Che Guevara and Malcolm X. It is also home to pictures of children, bills of rights for students and parents, and a rainbow-hued greeting card advising “How to Be Really Alive.” A place of prominence is give to a New Yorker cartoon of a man interviewing for a job. The interviewer says, “I’m trying to find a way to balance your strengths against your felonies.”

He’s in remission from his Communism, all right. And from the University of North Carolina comes this:

Lawrence Grossberg, a UNC communications studies professor, said he signed the petition because he believes Ayers should not be demonized for his actions 40 years ago. He said he also respects the work Ayers does now as an education professor at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Ayers is a school reform advocate who has written or edited more than a dozen books.
“He did break the law, and he was punished and he moved on,” Grossberg said. “He built an extraordinary life. He has become one of the leading scholars in the field of education. [People are] excoriating him for things he did 40 years ago and misrepresenting what he has done since, in order to make someone else suffer. That doesn’t seem very American to me.”

4 thoughts on “Who? Bill Ayers?”

  1. And yet they’re fine with demonizing Posada and Bosch. Oh, right, they’re anti communist. I forgot that to get away with terrorism you have to trash America and love communism.
    Hypocrasy is too light a term for this.

  2. If he’s in remission from Communism, why does he have a picture of Che? I am of the opinion that he’s staying quiet on all this until the election is over. If Obama wins, we will hear more about Ayers. Guarantee it!

    – who “initiated, planned, and organized” them???? why, it was AYERS and his “communist revolutionaries” at the(Weather Underground Organization).

    Here’s the proof at the FBI site (“Part 1”)

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