Babalu Blog Featured in HISPANIC Magazine

Just got home from work a few minutes ago and, checking the mail, started to thumb through the October 2008 edition of Hispanic Magazine which my wife receives. Under a feature article titled “Out Spoken and On Line” was the magazine’s pick of 7 “Latino-managed” blogs “you should be reading”. My curiosity peaked, I looked to see if Babalu Blog was included.
Sure enough, there we were, right after Macho Chip and right before Latino Pundit.
Here’s what’s included in the entry:
Topic of conversation: Politics
Latinos at the computer: Valentin “El Barbaro” Prieto and staff
Why visit?: If you’re hoping to ?nd video of Desi Arnaz singing and playing the conga, you’ll be sorely disappointed. Still, there’s plenty of material at Babalu Blog, starting with its fearless criticism of Cuba’s dictatorship. No wonder its slogan is “an island on the net without a bearded dictator.” The site may not spur an actual revolution, but at least it’s bitter enough to make us cheer a little louder for democracy.
Just a sample: “While Cubans recover and somehow ?nd a way to survive on their own after the devastation of Hurricane Gustav, they can feel better about their slave master’s lack of attention. You see, their slave master would love to help but he’s a little busy right now”.

The Latino at the computer who authored the sample post was none other than Alberto.
Here’s a link to the online version. Great job guys and gals!

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  1. “[A]t least it’s bitter enough to make us cheer a little louder for democracy.”
    Where they talking about me?

  2. Great job guys. Well deserving of that recgonition. We need to spread the word around about that Desi Arnaz site!

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