Obama- the Power to Delay the World Series


For the love of Pete! Bad enough I have to endure his face popping in between my favorite shows, on the pages of my newspaper, my welcome screen online and now this– thirty straight minutes of Obamania? And just when my team (that’s the


if ya didn’t know!) makes it to the World Series???? What a baseball buzz kill!
Obama Makes World Series Wait
Note: Of course the Phils won’t need game 6, but that’s not the point!

17 thoughts on “Obama- the Power to Delay the World Series”

  1. As a Marlin Fan, I despise the Phillies.
    The Phillies fans I have been told are the meanest,nastiest fans that even booed Santa (you wouldnt do that, would you?)
    But I might start rooting for them because you are – this time and because the Marlins are out of it.

  2. Max:
    You are well within your rights to hate a better team. 🙂 You are also 100% correct about the fans. However, Santa (some drunk guy dressed as Santa) was meandering on the field during an Eagles- Dallas game, in the snow and to be fair, they actually threw snowballs at him while booing him!
    I think we are so nasty because we’re just so frustrated. Have mercy on us, we’re nice people when there is no game on. 😀

  3. This is as close as he can get to a captive audience right now. If he’s elected, imagine a reinstated fairness doctrine for starters, followed by nightly fireside chats from the oval office telling us vamos bien. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  4. J2Tharome-
    Since I was a litle kid I have been a Larry Bowa fan- I have an autographed picture AND a bobblehead to prove it. So, if the Phils weren’t headed to the series, I would be rooting for the Dodgers, but only for Larry.
    Unfortunately, for you and Larry, we kicked your California butts!

  5. LOL. I have no hate for the Phillies. They’re the real deal there. Their pitching was great, and that’ll be the key for the WS. I don’t see the Sox or Rays having a chance versus them (although the Rays/Phillies would be an exciting series).
    BTW, I do have a problem with Obama pushing back a game time just to hear his message. Reminds me of Chavez.

  6. Why did the World Series people allow this? Is there nothing sacred anymore? I mean, it’s the world series.
    I predict that the left and the msm can do all it wants to mock Joe, the plumber. He has done more for our side than they can understand.
    Go Phillies!

  7. Claudia
    Not taking anything away from the Phillies. I will remind you the ‘lins owned the season series against the Phils and had a much smaller payroll. We also had the pleasure of stomping them into the ground in the Marins 2003 run to a World Series championship. I will acknowledge the “Phyllis Dillers” are a better team than the Marlins because they have gotten farther. Still,because of you I will be a temporary Phils fan. Pat Burrell (UM alum) also helps me “tragar” a Phils run.

  8. Cheer it on. The stupidity of Obama is most likely to lose him votes …
    It is not wise to get between a dog and his meal (;>)
    take care and be well

  9. Max:
    I appreciate your willingness to become a temporary Phillies fan. All cheering on is greatly appreciated and after 28 years, GREAT NEEDED!
    Could I also interest you in a rooting for a certain green and white football team with a fierce, intimidating bird for its mascot and a wimpy, injury-prone quarterback?

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