Proud to say it

I was among the first conservatives to say this about Peggy Noonan when she was caught speaking out of both sides of her mouth:

I can guarantee all of you that this is the last Peggy Noonan piece I ever link to. One thing I always put in my writing is searing honesty regardless of the consequences. Noonan’s off-hand remarks make me sick. She’s no better than the “bubbleheads” she criticizes. […]

Today, read an open letter to Ms. Noonan by Jack M. of Ace. Ms. Noonan, you should be ashamed of yourself.

4 thoughts on “Proud to say it”

  1. Fantastic letter to Ms. Noonan who most definitely should be ashamed of herself! I’m disgusted. I just lost my appetite.

  2. She’s as much as a media whore as Katie Couric. No, I take that back. She’s worse than Katie Couric because at least Couric is loyal to her leftist principles.

  3. all Noonan did was air her doubts and seriously if you don’t have doubts you’re smoking some strong stuff. I’m voting for McCain/Palin because clueless or not she’s still better than the two idiots on the other side. Having said that c’mon, Noonan herself is arguably more qualified than Palin.
    There is nothing wrong with dissension in the ranks – it’s always been a part of us. Reagan’s Diearies have entries where he laments his fellow conservatives and Rpublicans because they were ripping him

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