8 thoughts on “Colin Powell endorses Obama”

  1. Powell, name seems familiar, oh yeah, wasn’t he the guy that told the UN about all the WMDs we would find in Iraq? Yeah, that’s him. Policy is right in line with the guy he is endorsing, yes, no … well not exactly anti-war with Iraq, but close enough.
    When 95% of the blacks vote for the black guy, what can you call it except racism. Too bad every opportunist wants in on the gig.
    When I hear the next black guy say he is endorsing Obama, that black one, because of his policy, my TV is at serious risk.
    Why work, when the pies and health care are free — Just like Cuba.

  2. Powell is just another black racist. I get tagged for a racist every day regardless of the fact that my only offense is being white, now its my turn. I plan to start calling out blacks on their racist attitudes and their racist actions.

    I’ll see you at the re-education camp.

  3. Come on people! Did it really surprise anyone?
    WAKE UP! The corrupt have already chosen their president (Puppet) to lead us, while they (The Federal bankers, The Government media, the FDA) are controlling their slaves (us). Let’s fight back, Goddamn it!
    Remember Val George and Henry, when you had that great speech from that movie? The one that went: “…I’m Mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” Well I think it’s the perfect time to start shouting that. I think it’s time to raise hell, America is snowballing into socialism at a rapid descent and McCain nor Obama will do anything about it. If anything, they embrace it. Civil disobedience is our constitutional right. Reject the New World Order.

  4. George,
    Colin Powell endorsement does not surprise me at all and confirms my suspicions about the former general that I posted in Humberto’s post.
    If Barack Hussein Obama wins two weeks from now, lots of influential Americans like Colin Powell will be held responsible for the misery that is going to come upon the good old USA and will be held accountable in the eyes of God and history as accomplices to the horrible future that will come to America and the rest of the free world.
    We can only pray that this does not happen and give our vote to John McCain on November 4 for our peace of mind.

  5. The cynic in me says “I expected nothing less than Powell’s endorsement of Obama.”
    I mean, it’s not like McCain was in the military or was a war hero or anything else that Powell should respect or admire.

  6. I mean, it’s not like McCain was in the military or was a war hero or anything else that Powell should respect or admire.
    That makes Colin Powell’s arguments invalid and shows his true colors and that he’s full of shit.
    Colin Powell an army general (that should know better) to choose to follow an anti-American bulllshit artist like Barack Husein Osama instead of a real American hero like John McCain
    It goes to show to great lengths how fucked-up our country is.
    What it hurts me the most is that we’re all going to pay for the stupid decisions made by idiots like Colin Powell.
    Gosh, where are we going as a nation?
    To hell?

  7. This is classic tit-for-tat. Powell endorses Obama, and Obama gives him a prominent post if he gets elected. Obama has already said he’ll do this. Powell is apparently suffering from some version of JimmyCarteritis. Old soldiers (some, anyway) never die, they just sell themselves to whoever can keep them in the spotlight. Ugh.

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