More on Obama and those cancelled debates

California blogger Omri Ceren, my fave among Jewish bloggers nails it:

Barack Obama’s campaign has decided advisers and representatives of the Democratic nominee for president will no longer debate officials from the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC). This prohibition led Wednesday to the canceling of a debate scheduled for Sunday at Valley Cities Jewish Community Center in Van Nuys organized by the Council of Israeli Community in Los Angeles [CIC]. Larry Greenfield, California director of the RJC, said he still plans to show up. His counterpart, former Rep. Mel Levine, who is a Middle East adviser for Obama, will not participate in what would have been his fourth debate with Greenfield.
That’s the nice way to describe it. What actually happened is that the Obama campaign demanded that the CIC ban Greenfield from the debate as a condition for their participation. They’re doing the same thing all over the country: no preconditions for meeting Iran but thuggish demands before they’ll sit down with American Jews. And they’re getting really good at this game: have someone spend months organizing a non-partisan event, pull their people out right at the end, and then shriek about partisanship. The only thing left is for them to threaten legal action. Then it would be a perfect replay of how they detonated the anti-Ahmadinejad rally. The CIC, for its part, is pissed:
“My appearing with him gives him a prominence that he doesn’t deserve,” Levine said when asked about the cancellation Wednesday afternoon by the Journal. “The RJC’s tactics have been continually dishonest, and the campaign has made a decision to not keep getting on the same stage with them.” Levine pointed specifically to the RJC’s constant attacks on Israel-critic Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is an Obama foreign policy adviser but not concerning Obama’s Israel policy, and its claims that Obama would meet with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad without preconditions. Indeed, Obama has said he would meet with leaders of rogue nations, but Ahmadinejad, a rabid anti-Semite, isn’t the head of Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei is.
Two things going on here. One, the Obama campaign is embarrassingly pathetic when it comes to addressing the valid concerns of American Jews. Two, they seem hell-bent on using their political power to prevent anyone from pointing that out.
“It will be perceived as they are chickening out from a debate and they are ignoring the Israeli community and don’t want to face the truth that the McCain campaign is putting out,” Linder said. “You are leaving Larry on a stage to put out the information he wants without being rebutted. The Israeli community needs to hear, face to face, both sides, so that people can decide who they want to vote for.”
The Obama campaign is saying that they won’t debate because of the RJC’s “continual dishonesty.” Which would already be incoherent if the RJC was actually being dishonest – in democracies, debates are exactly how we settle these things. But it’s an especially disingenuous move given how the RJC’s accusations are demonstrably

Fasten your seatbelts folks, we could be in for a very turbulent ride with “the one”, whose tactics are disturbingly reminiscent of a well known island dictator.
Read the whole thing here.

4 thoughts on “More on Obama and those cancelled debates”

  1. Ziva,
    Unfortunately the majority of Americans don’t realize it as you do.
    If we had more people like you on our side, everything would be much better.
    Gosh, the next four years are going to be horrible for America with the “Messiah” at the helm.

  2. Well let me tell you something about 3/4 of the Jews in New York City. They are out of their freaking minds, and I say this as a strong supporter of Bibi, and the right for Israel to exist!
    They are so afraid of Governor Palin, because she is a good looking woman, who is pro life, who shoots guns, and wears heels that they are running to the hills in fear that a McCain administration is going to start instituting pogroms or something crazy like that. Am not kidding, I hear people on the subway and on the street at the Starbucks, and at work. It doesn’t matter if she heavily supports Israel, or if there is even talk that she might have a lot of Jewish blood in her on both her parents sides, they don’t care, all they see is a born again Christian in heels, saying “you betcha”, winking, homeschooling, protecting the unborn, shooting moose with a double shot gun. My next door neighbors, the Goldberg’s are terrified of her, kind of like the way Borat reacted to Jews in the movie.
    The Kool Aid has been drunk so much in NYC that they don’t care if an Obama administration is going to do all in its power to either ignore Israel, or help the enemies of freedom destroy it once and for all.
    The same goes for Taiwan. I bet Peking can’t wait for an Obamunist admin to be in power so they can just take Formosa whenever they want. Mark my words people – it’s going to happen – same with Cuba, because you know that Barry is going to extend an open hand to Havana!

  3. I know this from talking to some of my relatives. It’s a collective hysteria among liberal Jews that Christian Americans who support Israel are the enemy, and they chose to align with the left, indeed are among the leaders of the commie left, never mind the Durbin fiasco, and all the anti-Semitic, anti-Israel endorsements and support. The disconnect is mind boggling, imagine, these are the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors and victims. You are right, they are nuts. Thankfully, religious Jews do not buy into this madness.

  4. Well, all these Jews who have problems with Obama are just closet racists, obviously. Besides, what could be more deliciously liberal for a Barbra Streisand-type Jew than to support the son of a black Muslim? I mean, how thrilling is that? It’s absolutely irresistible. The zenith of fashion, darling.

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