Surprise! Miami Herald Endorses Obama

Not exactly a surprise that the Miami Herald endorsed Obama, of course, and I debated whether it’s even worth mentioning in light of the Herald’s less than significant stature in the grand scheme of things.
Nevertheless, there are a few things the Herald Editorial Board mentions in its endorsement that struck me as odd, contradictory, or both. Here’s a sample:

Foreign policy differences
Sen. McCain also showed strength in the primaries. Deemed political roadkill at one time, he revived his fortunes with a strong showing in New Hampshire and clinched victory in Florida with straight talk and a surer feel for what voters wanted. A turning point came during the Republican convention, when he chose a long-shot for a running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska, out of an apparent need to appease the right wing of the party. For all of her rhetorical skills on the campaign trail — particularly in the attack mode — Gov. Palin appears to know little about the issues and simply is not qualified to be commander in chief.
Much has been made of Sen. Obama’s relative inexperience, particularly in foreign policy. His résumé is thin, but he surrounds himself with experienced advisors — as evidenced in his choice of Sen. Joe Biden to be vice president –and with people who offer differing points of view. His style is to build consensus and seek workable, pragmatic solutions — a refreshing change from the last eight years.

So the esteemed editors at the Herald think it’s OK for a presidencial candidate to have limited experience as long as you have “experienced advisors”, but accuses Palin of knowing “little about the issues” and thus not qualified to be Vice-President. Ohh-kayyyyyy.
The edtorial presents Sen. Biden as one of those experienced advisors, and seems to dismiss McCain’s selection of Palin as “an apparent need to appease the right wing of the party”. Can someone please remind the Herald why Obama chose Biden, besides his “experience”? Perhaps it was to appease moderate Democrats?
Here’s more:

Sen. McCain has much experience in foreign policy and a hero’s life story dating back to his days as a prisoner of war in Vietnam. An avid supporter of the war in Iraq, Sen. McCain was among the first to call for more troops. He draws strength from the success of the ”surge.” Today, though, Iraq is stable, but the war itself remains a huge and costly error. The invasion was a strategic mistake; the surge a tactical success.
Sen. Obama’s early dissent amid the war fever of 2002-03 took courage. It reflects a clear-eyed appreciation for the proper use of U.S firepower and a cool temperament that rejects employing military force except as a last, necessary resort. His insistence that U.S. power be focused on the conflict in Afghanistan — which he rightly calls the central front of the war on terror — represents a better, more effective use of military resources.

I guess Obama’s “cool temperament” will also serve him well when he sits across the table from evil men intent on harming their people and OURS. Whether it serves US well is another story. Speaking of courage, where was Obama’s in admitting that the surge was not only successful, but vital to our success in the war on terror? It appears that the Herald gladly skipped over that detail, just as they skipped over the fact that McCain himself showed great courage in calling for the surge.
All in all, a very weak endorsement, fitting for The Miami Herald circa 2008. Where was the mention of taxes? Energy? I don’t care who they decide to endorse, but let’s see some solid, thought-out and elaborated reasons, not simply partisan talking points.
Read the full endorsement here.

7 thoughts on “Surprise! Miami Herald Endorses Obama”

  1. As I showed with their endorsement of Mario Diaz-Balart and not Lincoln Diaz-Balart, the Herald has shown it’s not interested in “solid, thought-out and elaborated reasons”.

  2. The paper once endorsed Modale over Ronnie where is the surprise. BUT and this is a big BUT – I love Palin…I love any woman who not only is hot but can kick my ass BUT she is not the most qualified person for the job. Biden is a moron but he was still the most qualified “moderate” Dem not named Clinton. Palin wasn’t even the most qualified woman from Alaska. I hope she uses these 4 years wisely and becomes the leader we want her to be but right now, today she’s clueless and to say otherwise is irresponsible. She’s got the tools she just has to put them to use.

  3. Please! Joe Biden doesn’t know the Constitution and he’s supposed to be a Constitutional Lawyer.
    As to Biden’s decision making capabilities… Well, in my book that only counts when those decisions are good and sound. Thus far, dear Joe is way off the mark.
    I’ve always thought of him as a buffoon.

  4. The Miami Herald endorses…Yawn. Somebody tell these people nobody with half a brain and a modicum of self-respect needs the media to tell him or her how to vote. I mean, please; enough already.

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