Even Powell endorses Obama

Frequent commenter “honey” had this to say about the Colin Powell endorsement:

Now Colin Powell graduates to becoming another “even” for the msm as in “Even Colin Powell endorses Obama.” He must be so proud.
The interesting thing in these promotions is not who is endorsing Obama, but the new way the press will report on these people. At the Al Smith dinner McCain said, “Chris Matthews used to like me.” That was when McCain was an “even“. Every time our maverick went against Bush, what a hero he was.
But when Obama arose and McCain stubbornly stayed in favor of the Iraq war, how easily Matthews and the rest of the drive-by’s made McCain public enemy number one.
Likewise when Powell supported Bush, oh how he was the enemy. Now that he is an “even” he must be so much happier being popular again.

10 thoughts on “<em>Even</em> Powell endorses Obama”

  1. All endorsements are not created equal. Powell’s carries a lot more weight than those of many others because of the respect he has garnered through years of serving this country. His credentials are indisputable. Look, it is understandable that his endorsement is going to piss off supporters of John McCain because it isn’t helpful to his chances of becoming President. But is it really necessary to slander Powell to help McCain?

  2. Zaperoko,
    How did anyone here slander Colin Powell?
    What do you consider slander?
    Answer the question or be gone.

  3. Commenters on this site are inartfully trying to imply that he is “returning to the plantation” and making other scurrilous comments about him. So that, and other comments along that vein, is what I am specifically referring to when I say slandering him. I didn’t want to take the time to copy and paste all the comments from the previous post.

  4. Bullshit. If you read the other post you’ll see that it’s the lefty blogosphere starting with the dean of the nutroots Kos and his minions who called him an uncle tom. Our commenters are simply taking the metaphor to its logical conclusion.
    Colin Powell served the country honorably. That doesn’t make him a pillar of conservatism. That’s why the MSM’s puffing up of this endorsement doesn’t make any sense. Except that they are actively rooting and trying to influence the election. This post, which was written by commenter explains that perfectly.

  5. Shame on Daily Kos for saying that about Powell and shame on those who repeat it. Not sure how the plantation comment and others can be considered to be logical but so be it.
    I am not arguing that Powell should be a pillar of conservatism, all I am saying is he should be shown more respect instead of trying to undermine who he is and what he has done as many on here are doing. The MSM will puff it up because it is worthing puffing; It is much a big deal than say, the endorsement of Heidi Montag of John McCain. This endorsement has legs; others may or may not depending on who they are. It is a case by case basis.

  6. Our only point is that it’s ABSURD to present this as some sort of catastrophic defection by a conservative when Powell never was one by anybody’s measure.
    If Newt Gingrich or Fred Thompson endorses Obama then you have my attention. But Colin Powell? Please.

  7. Permit me to comment on my own comment.
    I wish those who suddenly are pleased with Colin Powell’s great service to this country would show at least an equal pleasure in McCain’s service.
    You may count me as one who respects and admires Colin Powell for his service and for his dignity. I mean no disrespect to Powell by my comment. I only mean a great deal of disrespect for our propagandistic media. If it weren’t so dangerous, I’d say it was hilarious the way the msm can so easily switch gears.
    Incidentally, when Colin Powell was recommended as a consideration for vice president early on, most conservatives were not happy about that suggestion. So this is nothing new.
    And I don’t like to think this of this fine person, but it’s hard not to notice that he resembles a whole lot of people who feel unhappy that they are no longer at the forefront of the current administration.
    This is a free country and anyone has the right to support privately or publicly anyone he chooses. I publicly support Sarah Palin. And thus I will vote for the McCain/Palin ticket.

  8. Collin Powell owes his success to Republicans who gave him the opportunity to be who he is today. He endorsed Obama because they are of the same race, because he knows extremely well that Obama has no experience and has done nothing for this country. Let’s not fool ourselves, Obama is a Marxist and I cannot understand why any Cuban will vote for him. Have you forgotten what another Marxist did to our beloved Cuba? Please wake up!!!!!

  9. Zaperoko –
    No one here has (yet) slandered Powell; they’re questioning his motivations, which is perfectly legitimate. Whether it will have any discernible influence on the contest remains to be seen. The only part of his endorsement that really moved me was his concise, jargon-free defense of being a Muslim in America.

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