Ground Control to Uncle Tom

I suppose this week’s big news is that Collin Powell endorsed “The One”. The in-the-tank media are like sailors at a whorehouse with fists full of fifties and lefty bloggers are elated. What I wanna know is, are the lefties still gonna refer to Powell an Uncle Tom, this time stumping for massah Obama?

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  1. This is classic tit-for-tat. Powell endorses Obama, and Obama gives him a prominent post if he gets elected. Obama has already said he’ll do that. Powell is apparently suffering from some form of JimmyCarteritis. Old soldiers (some, anyway) never die, they just sell themselves to whoever can keep them in the spotlight. Ugh.

  2. Sorry, no way to spin this negatively, this is a major positive development for Obama. Colin Powell is a person who McCain has always considered a great soldier and now, he is endorsing his Democratic rival. Ouch, that has got to sting. The reasons he provided for his endorsement, despite what right-wing nuts are claiming (race), are clear and solid. Will it cause a huge percentage swing among undecided voters? I doubt it, but it a major boulder in the avalanche of endorsements that Obama is receiving and will probably strengthen people’s belief that Obama is a good choice.
    Colin Powell is one old soldier that has been universally respected from both parties, its a shame that anyone, including liberal blogs, should think it is ok to be use Uncle Tom and Powell in the same sentence. I respected him before the endorsement and will continue to do so now.

  3. Now that Powell has returned to the proverbial plantation, the liberals will accept him as the prodigal son. The interesting thing is that the elation and jubilee being expressed by the left over this expected endorsement is a clear indication they are scared of losing this election. They are looking for affirmation anywhere they can find it–including from those they excoriated for daring to step out of line.
    After spending hundreds of millions of dollars and having the MSM pounding the nation daily with pro-Obama propaganda, their candidate has not been able to pull away in the polls. In fact, his lead seems to be shrinking with every new poll.
    They are afraid, very afraid. They have pulled out all the stops to ensure an Obama victory, and after all they have done, they are not thrilled with the prospect of having to face the people of America if Obama loses. They have gone “all-in” in this poker game and all they have is a pair of jokers. They are counting on the opposition to fold, and it is just not happening.

  4. If Condi Rice ever endorses Obama, she’ll instantly be anointed as the new Harriet Tubman, at the very least. If this were any more predictable, it’d be the sun rising yet another day.

  5. Along with the Powell endorsement of Obama, Asombra, another unexpected event may take place here in Miami; it just might rain.
    Imagine that; raining in South Florida. What an unexpected turn of events.

  6. Well, I’m sure Jimmy Carter understands perfectly. One has to stay politically “relevant,” no matter what it takes. Who cares about stuff like class and dignity, as long as you can still be a player? I expect all the usual TV suspects are banging on Powell’s door for him to appear on their show. It’s nice to be wanted, you know? And of course, now he can shake the Uncle Tom rap. Realpolitik, after all.

  7. Now Colin Powell graduates to becoming another “even” for the msm as in “Even Colin Powell endorses Obama.” He must be so proud.
    The interesting thing in these promotions is not who is endorsing Obama, but the new way the press will report on these people. At the Al Smith dinner McCain said Chris Matthews used to like me. That was when McCain was an “even”. Every time our maverick went against Bush, what a hero he was. But when Obama arose and McCain stubbornly stayed in favor of the Iraq war, how easily Matthews and the rest of the drive-by’s made McCain public enemy number one.
    Likewise when Powell supported Bush, oh how he was the enemy. Now that he is an “even” he must be so much happier being popular again.

  8. I think the reasons provided by Powell were pretty solid and as many commentators have said, it is more an indictment of John McCain and the extreme right wing of the party than support for Obama. I have no issues with the reasons he provided. Does anybody on this blog have anything to comment on the reasons he provided? Powell was dignified, relevant and respected before and he will continue to be.

  9. There is one guy WHO OWED EVERYTHING to Ronald Reagan when he passed up numerous more qualified officers to reward Powell with the star, knife in the back to McCain who got Powell’s son appointed to head the FCC.

  10. Powell is a decorated hero who has earned respect across administrations. His credentials are impeccable. There is no real credible way to impugn his reputation.

  11. Of course, as long as Powell is toeing the liberal line, there is no way to impugn his reputation, Zap. That is how it works; liberals ignore the obvious when it serves their purpose. Now, if he dares stray again, watch the left skewer his so-called reputation like they did 5 years ago. To the right, however, he has no reputation left to impugn.
    Regardless of his past achievments, Powell has shown to be an unloyal opportunist. Perhaps it is a trait he developed later in life, but that he has developed this ugly trait is not in question. As a soldier, you cannot betray those that supported and helped you and expect not to have your reputation suffer for it. If you don’t believe that, just ask a soldier what they think of the war hero, John Murtha.

  12. Zaperoko,
    I would love to see made public those expressions of respect that you felt for Powell while he was making the case for our going into Iraq.
    And please don’t put John McCain and the extreme right wing of the Republican party into the same phrase. Powell may wish to indict either or both of those with his choice of Obama, but then he is indicting two separate entities.

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