Sticks and Stones

Remember last week when I posted about my great Friday morning? And how Mr. Nice Volvo Driver pulled a Jekyll and Hyde when he saw my McCain bumper sticker and called me a fascist?
Well, I received a few emails calling me a liar and saying that I’d made the whole thing up and that it was nonsense and that I was a liar and that I lied and, did I mention that I am a lying liar when I’m not being a lying racist liar?
Because the left would never, ever, resort a vitriolic response, straight from the gutter.
Update: The left would never, ever, resort to hate filled potentiallly lethal physical attacks, either.

5 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones”

  1. This reminds me of Sven’s shock that anyone doesn’t let me speak my conservative thoughts. Who is shutting you up, he asked. Be specific.
    So I’ll just ask, does anyone else ever experience what I face? Does no one else have people telling you to shut up if you try to make a point to a liberal?

  2. I believe it happens Val. For me, in the gay community, it is relentless. People practically spit on me. I cannot attend gay events anymore because they are nothing but socialist rallies. What’s even worse is to be pro-life. That is the sin they will not forgive, especially lesbians. I just don’t get it. It’s not like they’re ever expecting to have an UNWANTED baby! And if they ever identify the “gay” gene (which I truly believe does exist – the same way there is a “left-handed” gene), do they want straight women aborting potentially “gay” babies in the future? Isn’t bad enough that societies (especially Asian) are already skewed by women aborting female babies because they want a male child? China is already 60/40 ratio of men to women!
    But Val is right, if you try and have a discussion about these issues you are called names and sometimes worse – shown the door. I’ve lived it. And thinkwhiteduke – please examine your own soul before responding with your usual glib response – thanks in advance!

  3. The fact that the validity of Val’s story is even in question by some is just plain absurd. I have experienced and heard similar language amongst my majority liberal co-workers, most of whom are otherwise decent and highly educated people.

  4. cangrejero, lol how repugnant are those gay socialists, huh? I had a debate about that with a gay fidel lover before I gave up and just told him “Don’t forget to polish those chains.”

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