Truth in journalism, imported from Canada

Great article in Today’s Toronto Sun about how fidel castro is playing the part of Nero quite well:

Castro writes while Cuba sinks
HAVANA — Hidden away in a secret lair, the old revolutionary dictator writes.
Since he has not been seen in public for 30 months, we’ll have to take their word for it that it is actually Fidel Castro.
There are some who believe he is dead and frozen while brother, Raul, tries to find the right time to announce it. But not many.
It’s Fidel’s writings, or perhaps rantings, in the Communist Party’s Granma newspaper and on Cuban web sites that has helped quell those rumours.

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2 thoughts on “Truth in journalism, imported from Canada”

  1. Count me as one who believes fidel’s corpse is on ice somewhere, while raul hopes for an Obama victory, and a negotiated soft landing for the regime. This is why it is important every Cuban-American man, woman, dog, cat, and goldfish drag themselves to the polls Nov 4 and vote McCain.

  2. Cuba’s been sinking for a very long time. It never bothered Castro before, so why should it be any different now?

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