Colors You Don’t See in Hialeah

Reflections of Autumn
Just got back from Coastal Maine. I think everyone, especially those who live full time here in Florida or other year round green states, should take some time in their lives to visit the North East in Autumn. It had been 11 years since I’d seen the fall and I must say that Autumn is calming somehow.
You tend to chill when you drive down highways and roads and see Autumn colors. The crisp air helps too. It was 30 degrees and there was ice on my windshield when I got up yesterday to drive back to the airport in Portland.
I’m back in Florida and it’s 80+ degrees. I drove through Hialeah yesterday, and boy what a contrast. So for my fellow infidels, here are some reflections of Autumn for you to start your day.

3 thoughts on “Colors You Don’t See in Hialeah”

  1. Autumn is indeed beautiful, and I do miss it from my days “up north”, but it’s rather fleeting and inevitably followed by 5 months of dreariness and bare trees (at least in northern NE). The best way to do the seasons is to do exactly what you did, visit for a few days, soak it in, then head back for the beautiful subtropics where the weather will only get better from this point on.

  2. Seriously Mike, do a show!!!! You have great talent and an eye for capturing nature’s beauty. I certainly would attend.

  3. Gorgeous picture!
    Y’ins can all come up to PA- we have breathtaking views and frozen car windshields here, too! And we need the revenue.

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