Gird your loins

“Say it ain’t so” Joe Biden warned his supporters to prepare for a test of Obama’s mettle within the first six months of his presidency by America’s enemies. He warned them to “gird their loins,” and stand up to defend Berracko Obama because as Joe apparently sees it, President Berracko is going to look pretty bad.
But while Berracko’s supporters figure out how to back their empty suit candidate, the rest of America should be girding their loins to what is coming if this country is subjected to a Democrat president, a Democrat controlled congress, and a Democrat controlled senate.
The distinguished congressman, Barney Frank, offers us a… well, a frank description of what is to come.

I guess the tax increases are only for 5% of the population, huh Barney?

7 thoughts on “Gird your loins”

  1. This C*** sucker (no pun intended) spells it out for America. Under Barack the Gov’t will spend spend spend and grow grow grow…Deficient? What Deficient, it doesn’t matter to them, because the money will be coming from our pockets. How can the citizens be so blind?
    Ed. (Val): Wash your mouth out with soap, readytoshoot. Comment edited to remove naty words.

  2. Alberto, is it a coincidence that you use the word “loins” and have a video of Barney Frank in the same post?

  3. I am perfectly willing to let rich Democrats pay all the taxes they want. If Kennedy, Kerry, Soros and Buffet want to contribute their entire fortunes to the treasury, I’d be thrilled. It will never happen. There will be loopholes for the John Edwardses, for the Nancy Pelosis. Frank is much better at protecting his friends than protecting his country.

  4. Frank is a screaming, glaring, scandalous disgrace. If he had an iota of shame, he’d have resigned by now, which is EXACTLY what he would have demanded of a Republican who’d done EXACTLY what he did (and didn’t) do. If this oily slimeball is not the embodiment of opportunistic, cynical hypocrisy, I don’t know who is. Actually, I do know; he’s hardly the only such specimen.

  5. OK, I can say it…
    This FAGGOT is f-ing going to make me blow my brains from a freakin aneurism! I cannot believe the cavalier way he makes his statement about essentially socking it to the rich. Maybe we need another protected class of citizen – the ecnomically successful. I swear to God, we need protection from these hate-mongering socialists out to declare flat out class warfare!

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