Justice: a few Cubans at a time

After nearly fifty-years of slavery and the dearth of hope, once in a while a ray of light pierces through the black fog of tyranny in Cuba to shine on a few. As I posted back in July, three escaped Cubans who had been sent to Curacao to work as slave labor for the regime filed a lawsuit against the Curacao based shipyard for being complicit with their slave master, the Castro regime. At the time I wondered how the regime’s apologist would reconcile the fact that their “workers’ paradise” was selling slave labor to repay its debts. Naturally, nary a word has been mentioned about this case except for the paltry local coverage it has received.
The three Cubans won the lawsuit back in August, and yesterday, the judge awarded them an $80-million dollar settlement. All that money, however, cannot buy back these men the ten years they spent as slaves in squalid conditions. Nor can it help their family members in Cuba who are being targeted by the regime in retaliation for their quest to be free men.
Justice is not about money; money cannot buy freedom. But as we can see from this case, it can certainly enslave an entire nation.

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  1. No, the Regime will send the shipyard (who will stand to lose $80 million) another dozen or so slaves.

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