Mexican Shove-Off

There have been some items of interest lately. In addition to the announcements of untold oil wealth beneath the waters of Cuba, celebrations of “Russia Day” and the like, two items caught my attention. On Monday there was the announcement that Mexico will begin repatriating Cubans fleeing the island. On Tuesday came the proclamation of increased amity and trade between the two countries.
Given the recent “restructuring” of over 400 million worth of debt Cuba owes Mexico, it’s not surprising that trade has increased 80 % in the first 8 months of this year. Nor given their long history of doing so, only sporadically interrupted, is it surprising that the Mexican government has chosen to side with the oppressors. Guess it just goes to show the only illegal immigrants they deem worthy of compassion are their own citizens.

4 thoughts on “Mexican Shove-Off”

  1. Mexico is mighty high on my shit list (and that’s saying something, since the list is very crowded). Unless and until it becomes an essentially different country, I want nothing to do with it. Their behavior regarding Cuba has been beneath contempt practically from the word go. And their hypocrisy regarding immigration issues is absolutely monumental.

  2. So the Cubans going to Mexico are seeking “freedom”? Really? Funny cuz the ones I knew that stayed there and the couple that made it all the way to Miami try to get back to Cuba whenever they can. Back in the day when we came looking for freedom we turned our back like Lot and didn’t look back. Don’t hate the Mexicans for being able to control their borders. They’re just watching out for number 1, themselves. That we in the US are unable to do so is our own problem not their’s.

  3. My contempt for Mexico goes way back before this. They don’t give a shit whether the Cubans they send back are political or economic refugees. They’ve done plenty for Castro, Inc. and precious little for the Cuban people. And they’re MAJOR hypocrites when it comes to immigration, meaning they want absolute control over that in their own country, but they scream bloody murder over any US attempt to control illegal Mexican immigration into the US. They reek.

  4. As for the Mexican Gov’t the only ones worth a damn were Fox and Castaneda – we are not likely to see the likes of them EVER again. It’s cowardly and shameless but that’s what it is. The PRI loved Castro in order to thumb their nose at the US and now the PAN does the same because quite frankly the aggravation just isn’t worth it.
    As for them being hypocrites on immigration we all are. I’d say 99% of the people who agree with everything on Babalu are ticked off that Wet Foot/Dry Foot slams Cubans coming in…yet as good Republicans they want to keep Mexicans at the border. I for one don’t give a flying hoot for either – I say make it the same for everyone, no special treatment for Cubans that are obviously economic refugees and those seeking political asylum can make their claim.

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