2 thoughts on “Obama says he didn’t know…”

  1. Ziva,
    Barack Hussein Obama (along with Joe Biden and all their accomplices, Colin Powell the latest one to join the list) is lying so much to the American people in ways that is totally unbelievable and yet he’s getting away with it big time.
    Never seen anything like it in the political arena in the years I lived in this country.
    I just simply cannot understand how the American people have become so blind so dumb and so stupid that cannot realize the bullshit act Barack Hussein Obama is and the serious consequences his presidency will bring to America.

  2. Freedom- I cannot understand it either. I’ve tried to talk to friends, co-workers, and sad to say, some family members. Their reasons for supporting Obama is the most illogical, clouded kool-aid bs, they just refuse to listen. We are all going to pay the price for their willful stupidity.

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