7 thoughts on “The lessons of history”

  1. Fidel took complete ownership of Cuba in 1959.
    Man, look at those balconies – 1959 vs. 2009. The landlord couldn’t even keep up with maintaining the balconies!

  2. It’s really terrifying to know that so many people can be so tragically stupid. In Cuba’s case, that’s been established without a doubt for all eternity. God help this country to avoid the kind of horrible error Cubans made.

  3. Unfortunately, in the case of Cuba back in 1959, Cubans didn’t have “a point of reference.” They believed everything the Media (both in Cuba and U.S.) said about fidel.

  4. I’m afraid that the U.S. has a very long frame (or many frames) of reference, and STILL most people believe everything the media say about The O. It’s a shame.

  5. Every time that I see archival footage of castro marching into Havana, it never fails to astound me how well-kept, and European-like in it’s grandeur Havana was. I mean, it was the antithesis of a third world Caribbean country which is what we were supposed to be. This is such eloquent evidence that Cuba under castro has actually gotten much worst. Of course, the castro apologists never take note of this.

  6. It is ashame that many of the american people cannot realize they are about to repeat history again. Not only are they about to repeat history regarding Castro taking over Cuba, just like letting Obama take over the U.S.,but the same reasons why J.F.K. became president. The news reports more liberal news as usual, the general public focuses on Obama’s youth and charisma more than anything else. No real issues are discussed with him, just rhetorical talk. It’s a real shame that most of the public cannot realize it, but if they could see these two pictures and compare them, they may think twice before voting.

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