I was thinking about this yesterday as I watched the news reports of McCain pounding away at Joe Biden’s remarks at a fundraiser this past Sunday that within six months of an Obama administration, he would be tested with a manufactured international crisis by one of America’s enemies. When I first heard Biden’s remarks, I could only marvel at how just when you think he cannot say anything dumber, Biden finds a new and improved way to shoot himself and the Obama campaign in the foot. I had a difficult time understanding how this man can actually utter such ridiculous statements, one right after the other, and so close to election day.
Then, I recalled another news story I read on Sunday:

For the first time in American history, the FBI is already vetting members of the next administration in an effort to make sure that whether John McCain or Barack Obama is the next president, their staffs will be ready to handle any national security threats.

Could it be that “Say it ain’t so” Joe knows something we don’t know? Could it be that US intelligence has picked up on some chatter among terrorists salivating over an Obama presidency?
This is all conjecture, of course, but is it really a coincidence that just a few days after being briefed by the FBI on national security risks, Biden would make such a boneheaded remark?
Inquiring minds want to know.

12 thoughts on “Coincidence?”

  1. Not to be cruel, but I think the damage from the anuerysms in his brain have affected him, seriously.

  2. George and Val,
    Plus let me add to your comments that Joe Biden is a bull shit act of the worst kind as he lied his ass-off during the vice-presidential debate with Sarah Paulin (and done so throughout this whole political campaign) and gotten away with it.
    Anyway what can we expect from these Obama/Biden duo. They’re selling the biggest bullshit act in the history of the Republic to the American people and getting away with it.
    What is making this situation so much worse is that the people that will vote for the Democratic ticket this year have no fucking clue what’s coming to them and the consequences of their irresponsible actions.
    Afterwards, they’ll realize how stupid of a voting decision they made this year.
    God help us all for what is coming to us soon.

  3. Actually, it is food for thought. I hadn’t considered the timing but you’re right. What is more frightening is that Biden not only admits that there will be an immediate challenge to obama but that this nation will be utterly opposed to his response “at first.” What does that tell us? We’re screwed.
    And we’re racists for thinking about it.

  4. PTG,
    I see what you mean that Bonehead BS is “In”.
    The sad part of it is the price that we’re all are going to pay for the ones that followed this Bonehead BS without questioning or reasoning its consequences.
    It is utterly incredible how many Americans have become so dumb, naive and extremely stupid while following this Bonehead BS being dished by Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden and company.

  5. I said this elsewhere on this blog already.
    If Bush had said that he wanted to “do a few things” that the American people wouldn’t like but which would be necessary to help us fight off terrorists, and he wanted the American people to stay with him when he did this, the msm and the ACLU would go nuts.
    If McCain said what Biden said about an inevitable large thing to hit us to test our new president, immediately McCain would be condemned as operating under the politics of fear because he has nothing else to campaign on.
    I don’t know about you, but I will choose the tested McCain instead of, as Biden himself described him this week, the young, untested Obama.

  6. It was said many years ago that if the American people are given good information that they will make the right decisions. I still believe that this is true. I fully believe this to be true.
    Sadly, the American public isn’t being given the information they need to make a good decision. There are still many, many Americans who depend on the mainstream media for their news. If you only got information from NBC and the like you would probably be supporting obama too.
    The media in this country are so utterly in the tank for obama that it is criminal. They are abusing their positions in this matter. They are following in the footsteps of tyranny. And it is uncertain if they see it. Certainly many of them think that they are unbiased and are simply acting out of that belief. They really think they are fair. But I have to imagine that many of them know what they are doing and fully beieve that the ends justify the means. They don’t care that they are behaving in an absolutely unethical and immoral way. These are the people that would march their neighbors into box cars, some even putting them in the gas chambers.
    Some might see my view as extreme or paranoid, but knowing history can only make one paranoid.
    A coupe people that I know actually do realize what obama is and are voting for him anyway. They think “it can’t happen here.” I have told these people that this is what my family thought in Cuba. They wave me off like I’m crazy.
    Am I? Seriously. Am I?

  7. McCain will win, I’m certain of it. There can’t possibly be that many misinformed citizens…If he does loose, it can only be through cheating..We have the Acorn bullshit going on, we know NObama is in deep with these assholes. The facts are out there no one with any sense can possibly take this guy seriously.

  8. I don’t see the problem as a lack of information. True the msm is now nothing but a propaganda arm of the left. But intelligent people are ignoring all evidence that doesn’t suit their view of what’s going on and they are voting for the most dangerous future this country has ever faced. But because bad things are on the horizon for us won’t change anything. Those who voted this mess in will blame it on Bush.
    Will we be able to have a 1994 this time?

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