Why David Corn is a dishonest Douche

Val linked to a video earlier today. The video was of a guy named Tito who went to a McCain rally and was calling out the media. Tito, a construction worker who is Colombian by birth, was upset that the media began to dig up dirt on “Joe the Plumber” who has become sort of a folk hero.
If you watch the video I think there’s something very telling about it. Corn tries to spin his encounter in a certain way:

Question from unknown media member: Why are you here?
Tito the Construction Worker: Because I’m disgusted with these guys. I support McCain but I’ve come to face you guys because I’m disgusted with you guys. How the hell you guys going after Joe the Plumber. This is…
Lady: Tell me why is it that you can go and find out about Joe the Plumber’s tax lien and when he divorced his wife but you can [unintelligible] Barack Obama [unintelligible] William Ayers, why? Why you do not tell us the facts? Joe the Plumber is me. I’m Joe the Plumber. When you attack Joe the Plumber you attack me.
David the Douche: Do you pay your taxes?
Lady: Yes I do.
David the Douche: You’re better than Joe the Plumber.
Tito the Construction Worker: You don’t know that. No, no you don’t know that. No, no, you don’t know. You don’t know the circumstances.
David the Douche: Do you believe that the Republican party never attacks the personality, character or background of the candidates they run against?

Did you see that bait and switch that Corn tried to pull? He questions Tito asking if the Republican party attacks opposing candidates. But Tito isn’t mad at the Democrats. He’s mad at the media who are supposed to be impartial. Now I don’t expect any writer for Mother Jones to be impartial. But Tito’s point about the MSM is certainly valid. This isn’t about parties and candidates attacking each other it’s about the media “watchdog” being used as a pitbull by one party to attack the other.
Again we have to remind ourselves that Joe the Plumber is a civilian who is not running for any office. Obama’s campaign came to his neighborhood and Obama revealed a bit too much of his mind-set in answering an unexpected question. The media has since completely investigated Joe the Plumber and ALL of his peccadillos but as the lady and Tito the Construction Worker point out they have been very lax in reporting on Obama’s track record.
The only reason we even know the names Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers in connection with Obama is because the few conservative media outlets and the blogosphere did the work of the negligent mainstream press.

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  1. “David the Douche: Do you believe that the Republican party never attacks the personality, character or background of the candidates they run against?”
    …? is he trying to draw a comparison between political mud-slinging between national-stage candidates’ political parties and the onslaught of vicious investigative reporting carried out by obama’s water carriers in the msm on a civilian citizen? since when, mr corn, was joe the plumber anything even close to a “candidate running against” barack obama?

  2. The only reason we even know the names Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers in connection with Obama is because the few conservative media outlets and the blogosphere did the work of the negligent mainstream press.
    Henry I disagree with you on the following,
    The main reason the MSM did not put more emphasis on Barack Hussein Obama’s connections with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers is because they know very well that it will cost him the election in November, that simple.
    In this election year the MSM is not being negligent, it is more than that.
    The MSM is a culprit in this hidden conspiracy supported by many individuals and groups with enormous financial resources here and abroad (we know who some of those people are, George Soros, Oprah Winfrey, the Hollywood elite, ACORN as a few of the many to mention) to put Barack Hussein Obama in the White House at all costs regardless whether Barack Hussein Obama is right for America and the troubles that his administration will bring to America and the rest of the free world.
    This time it looks like the MSM will succeed in their efforts because way too many Americans have become so blind, so dumb and naïve and most of all so extremely stupid that it does not allow them to see what taking place right before their eyes and what’s at stake for our country and the rest of the free world.
    A politician like Barack Hussein Obama with his extreme liberal agenda and his associations with individuals with anti-American credentials like Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers will never had the chance win the run for the White House 30+ years ago (and I’m not talking about the race factor here) and even today unless the MSM had a direct agenda in misinforming the American people as they’re doing now of the true nature of the Democratic nominee for the White House.
    If the MSM would had been fair and unbiased in this election year Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign would had already being toast by now and Hillary Clinton would had been the Democratic nominee running against John McCain, that simple.

  3. It’s the same thing they’ve done with Sarah Palin, whereby they’ve hounded her to find every little thing they can to sensationalize and discredit her, to the point that they’ve made her a ‘liability’ for McCain – all because they see her as a dangerous threat to their candidate. Yet, they’ve done nothing, or very little to check out Biden or their golden boy Obama. The liberal MSM is a sick collection of human scum that is on the verge of getting their chosen person into the White House, all via the simple manipulation of an ignorant, blind population that can’t think for themselves. They are a revolting bunch, incredibly biased, unprincipled, and dishonest. They sicken me…

  4. FreedomForCuba
    I don’t see that we disagree. Re-read that sentence you quoted. It’s only because conservatives pushed the issue that the Wright and Ayers have become the minor issues they have. The MSM would have gladly swept them under the rug.

  5. Henry,
    What I meant to disagree with you is about the use of the word “negligent” as being part of your statement, that’s all.
    Sorry, as I should have explained myself more clearly in my post.
    I’m sure that we both agree that there is nothing as “MSM negligence” in their actions as their purpose is not to do anything that would derail Barack Hussein Obama’s campaign towards the White House.
    The MSM has its agenda and is playing the most important role in the propaganda war in order to get Barack Hussein Obama elected a few days from now.
    In my view I would not call their actions negligent, trust me, they know what they’re doing.
    By ignoring as much as possible the issues with Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers they effectively withhold the truth from the American people at a crucial time in the campaign.
    I would say that the MSM actions are more like “complicity” in a campaign to withhold the truth from the people in order to achieve a political purpose.

  6. I believe negligent is the correct word. Negligent has a couple of definitions and one of them is “softer” meaning that the person in question failed to do something unintentionally. But negligent can also mean simply failure to one’s duty. And the media has failed to do it’s duty, regardless of the intent or motivation. I’m not really addressing intent or motivation but simply the fact that they failed to give Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright the same scrutiny they gave Joe the Plumber.

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