A guy in Obama’s neighborhood

Ladies and gentlemen, today most Americans know more about Joe “the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, his tax lien, his divorce and his failure to have the appropriate license than they do about Bill Ayers. Bill Ayers, a guy in Obama’s neighborhood. Bill Ayers, a guy who sat on two boards of directors with Obama. Bill Ayers, the guy who helped launch Obama’s political career. Bill Ayers, the guy Obama would rather you not know anything about.
Well you are about to get a crash course on Bill “Billy” Ayers and the terrorist group he helped created, The Weather Underground. A web site called Zombie Time has obtained a copy of the Weather Underground’s ideological manifesto which is entitled: Prairie Fire.
How do we know the Bill Ayers had anything to do with Prairie Fire? Simple he is one of the signers of the introduction:
Now the as Zombie Time points out the media has called Bill Ayers a 60s era radical and a Vietnam War protester. But that’s not exactly correct. Praire Fire explains:
Zombie Time explains why this is important:

There’s nothing illegal about being a communist. People in this country are free to hold whatever political beliefs they so choose…
Ayers was not simply protesting “against” the Vietnam War. Firstly, he wasn’t against war in principle, he was agitating for the victory of the communist forces in Vietnam. In other words: He wasn’t against the war, he was against our side in the war.
Ayers and his co-authors freely brag about their bombings and other violent and illegal acts, and even provide a detailed list…
Just because Ayers tries to appear respectable now doesn’t mean that he wasn’t a violent revolutionary in the past….
After his stint as the leader of the Weather Underground, he shifted to a different tactic: to spread his ideology under the aegis of academia. But the goal remains the same: to turn America into a communist nation. Ayers’ contemporary writings contain many of the same ideas (and even the same phrases) found in Prairie Fire, just toned down to make them more palatable in polite society.

Even more disturbing for those of us who are Cuban is the role model that Ayers and his comrades cite in Praire Fire:

The only path to the final defeat of imperialism and the building of socialism is revolutionary war. Revolution is the most powerful resource of the people. To wait, to not prepare people for the fight, is to seriously mislead about what kind of fierce struggle lies ahead.
Revolutionary war will be complicated and protracted. It includes mass struggle and clandestine struggle, peaceful and violent, political and economic, cultural and military, where all forms are developed in harmony with the armed struggle.
Without mass struggle there can be no revolution.
Without armed struggle there can be no victory.
It will not be immediate, for the enemy is entrenched and intractable.

So here you have a man who called for the violent overthrow of our democracy in favor of a communist state. He committed violent actions in an effort to bring about that overthrow. He became a fugitive. He changed his tactics and became an academic without ever renouncing his goals and then he launches the political career of the Democratic nominee for president.
Ask yourself one question. If Bill Ayers believes Obama is right for this country, how can you?
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  1. Like lemmings into the sea. That’s the cleanest way I can describe the uninformed and shallow Obama voters.

  2. It should also be noted that TWU & Bill Ayers were trying to bring the Viet Nam war home to America to fulfill Guevara’s dream of 100 Viet Nams. The Cuban connection to TWU also goes deeper in that they recieved funding and training from the Soviets and Fidel through the UN missions in NY. You certainly don’t need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind is blowing in the 1968 or in 2008.

  3. “The revolution is at hand and it is happening this time without firing a shot.”

    There may be shooting before its over. Be careful.

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