A rant for this political season

I am blessed with a great family and a core group of wonderful friends. Most of my friends, thank the Good Lord, are conservatives, or moderates that lean towards conservatism. One of my friends, whom I’ve known for over twenty years, has been a project of mine since we met. A liberal in his youth, he nevertheless embarked on his own personal intellectual journey that has finally allowed him to see how important the core principles of (real) conservatism are. I’ve seen him gradually change over the last ten years into a very thoughtful conservative, unafraid of the opposition.
Due to his hectic schedule — plus a wife and two kids — he and I get to talk only once or twice a month. This morning, unbidden, I received his stream-of-consciousness rant that I’d like to share with the Babalu readership.

Feeling the need to rant…finally
I’m really just writing this email to myself because I feel suffocated, claustrophobic, and need to vent…but if you want to read some of it or all of it, being my friend, you’re welcome to a glimpse inside my head. Or you can delete it from your inbox after reading this far. Truth is, I’ll never know.
Off the cuff and without rehearsal, here I go:
I’ve just about had it with the unfairness of this presidential campaign.
Last night I’m watching an interview of Sarah Palin on CNN and the interviewer said something I couldn’t believe was true. Sarah herself was in disbelief. So I switched to FOX and found that the CNN interviewer had deliberately misquoted the article from which that quote came! They were trying to corner Sarah Palin AGAIN!! Trying to make her look bad. Then later that night, CNN refused to admit the mistake…even though it clearly was one. FOX even brought out the author of the article, Byron York, who was incensed that CNN had quoted him out of context. But was in vain.
I’ve had it, man! I’ve been sitting on the sidelines relatively quiet for so long watching McCain and Palin get hammered by the press AND my friends…and I barely fight back, feeling outnumbered. But this election has been blatantly unfair and, I believe in my heart, that all those in favor of Obama know it…and quietly and conveniently ignore it. They just let it happen. I’ve pasted the transcript of the interview misquote at the bottom of this email in case you haven’t seen it yet.
An independent report came out yesterday showing that only 25% of Obama’s $600 million in campaign funds have come from donors of $200 or less. Only 25%!!!
So 75% of Obama’s donors have been big-money corporations and big-money rich people. So much for the “grass roots movement”, huh? And this is in addition to Obama’s early claim that he would not accept corporate funding. Yeah, right.
Here, check this out: A CNN interviewer giggling and admitting to bias.
Sometimes it’s even subliminal or subconscious. Check out this video I found where CNN’s Kyra Phillips has a Democrat and a Republican strategist on her show…and calls the Republican strategist a CUNT! TWICE!!! Yeah, yeah, it’s a mistake…a funny one…but in which way was the mistake directed?
Am I paranoid? maybe
Should I be? probably
You’ll love this.
When a woman tried to label Obama incorrectly as an “arab”, McCain immediately took the mic away from her and corrected her publicly. He then praised Obama as a decent man. Well done! And expected from a decent man such as McCain.
But Obama does nothing and says nothing at his rallies when people insult McCain and wear t-shirts showing McCain in a wheelchair. At the last debate, McCain publicly asked Obama to please stand up to those people with the nasty t-shirts. Obama just changed the subject. Go back and look at it. We have yet to hear Obama say anything. If you can find video of Obama calling people out on this and asking them to cut it out, I’d love to see it. Seriously, I would…because I’d love to be wrong on this one.
McCain public correction.
Then there’s “The View”. I don’t even have the space in this email to post all the videos where “The View” praises Obama and slams McCain…or how Whoopi, Joy and Barbara WaWa pounce on the one conservative on the show, Elizabeth Hasselbeck…shouting her down. Nice balanced job there…4 liberals and 1 conservative on the show. Why does Elizabeth even DO that show?!
Then there’s Katie Couric carefully editing her interview with Sarah Palin in order to air only the parts where Sarah stumbled, and admittedly Sarah stumbled….then Letterman….then Maher…then Oprah…all the celebrities…all the musicians…the band HEART refusing to let McCain use the song “Barracuda”…the band FOO FIGHTERS refusing to let McCain use the song “My Hero”…Jack Nicholson smoking cigars with Castro…Carlos Santana calling Che Guevara “The MAN!” on the red carpet…Sean Penn visiting his “friend” Hugo Chavez in Venezuela last week and praising him as he supports Obama…it goes on and on…
Let’s face it and admit it: it’s CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, The New York Times and Newsweek, vs. FOX. Nice balanced journalism there!
I feel afraid to speak up. The few times I have spoken up about my support of McCain in public, I have been angrily attacked and insulted by Obama supporters. Ridiculed in my own driveway by campaigners and shouted down on an airplane. Friends of mine have witnessed this (you know who you are) and even felt bad for me…admitting that it’s not right. Of course it’s not right! Are we not all Americans? Don’t we have an election process whereby we supposedly campaign fairly and choose between a small group of patriots for our next president? Why all the hatred and anger coming from Obama’s supporters? Sure there’s some from the McCain side as well, but it doesn’t compare. Do you know that I am witness to family members who have STOPPED TALKING TO EACH OTHER because they support opposite candidates? What the hell’s going on?
I have yet to insult or demean an Obama supporter. Quite the opposite, I praise Obama’s appeal and charisma…and I say it clearly every time.
I’ve walked down the street (in Miami and LA) where I see people wearing HUGE oversized Obama t-shirts screaming of “HOPE” and they have this smug look on their face because they think everyone around them agrees with them (they MUST!) but what they don’t know is that the McCain supporters are simply quiet. We don’t wear the HUGE t-shirts or the high-fiving smug attitudes and we don’t scream from bumper stickers on our cars. We simply and intelligently discuss amongst ourselves about keeping America and it’s founding principles as strong as they always been. We discuss morals, family, free market, and “keeping your hard-earned wealth”. We believe in giving to the needy via charity and not by force of government. I give plenty by charity every year and I feel great about doing so. But how will I feel when I am FORCED by government to do so? Not very good…and neither will anybody else. Then what does that lead to? People cheating on taxes and looking for loopholes to get out of it. And they will. It’s only natural. And all this Obama talk about “making the corporations pay”…what bullshit…we all know that corporations who are forced to pay more will pass on their new expenses directly to the consumer. Every business does it…including mine. Prices go up, people buy less, economy crashes. Period. Good job there, Obama. At least McCain has vowed to go after the INDIVIDUALS of the corporations who are greedy and leave the corporation itself alone. After all, it’s not the corporations’ fault but the greedy few who run them. They will be held accountable under McCain. He has promised that. He will go after them.
Republicans (and I am not one of them) discuss keeping government small and keeping the people in charge. Sounds good to me.
While Obama hammers away loudly at huge rallies filled with people who have been brainwashed by his beautiful rhetoric, ( who does that remind you of, by the way? Any central or South American countries perhaps?) McCain and his supporters will quietly continue forward.
We still believe we can win this. I believe we have to.
I have been quiet for so long. Maybe too long. I’m starting to feel that if McCain loses, I am partly to blame because perhaps I didn’t speak up sooner…or louder.
I let Obama and his supporters get in my face and tell me my ideas are wrong…and I just stood there and shrugged my shoulders, all the while feeling I was right… but afraid to speak up because yet another shouting match would surely ensue.
Wimpy…just friggin wimpy on my part.
And speaking of shouting…can you imagine what would happen if Obama loses? The riot squads will have to come out in full force in all major U.S. cities to prevent cities from going up in flames. There will be shootings, riots, looting, screams of “unfair! Cheaters!!!” all that stuff that happens when sports teams lose…or sometimes even when they win! The sort of stuff that happens when a black man is found guilty or a white cop is acquitted. If Obama loses, I’m heading for the hills.
I had no idea this email would go on for so long. Honestly, I couldn’t stop myself. I’ve ranted more in this one email than I have this entire election campaign, and I feel it’s about time. I just woke up this morning and felt I had to say something.
I’ll send this email to only a few select friends. If you read this far, it’s unbelievable to me…but thanks.

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  1. Your friend has lots of company. I wish more in America felt the way this person does.
    And if we are going to win in November, I want it to be by a clear margin so it will be definite.
    Sven, Here’s another example of someone, who, like me gets harassed by liberals.
    Obama signs are everywhere. No problem. The McCain side leaves them all alone. But let a McCain sign show up and it is sometimes defaced or covered up. The left loves to tyrannize, only another reason to vote with McCain this time. And don’t forget Congress. Vote in Republicans there, too.

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