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“I am not a Communist for three reasons — and I’m telling you this for your peace of mind. First, because Communism is a dictatorship of one class; I have fought against dictatorships my entire life and I am not going to fall into the trap of a dictatorship of the proletariat. The second reason is that Communism is nothing more than hate and class struggle and I am totally against that philosophy. And third, because Communism is against God and the Church.” –[f]idel [c]astro [r]uz, April 1959, in conversation with the Catholic journalist Ignacio Rasco
“No soy comunista por tres razones, y te lo digo para tu tranquilidad espiritual. Primero, porque el comunismo es la dictadura de una sola clase y yo he luchado toda mi vida contra las dictaduras y no voy a caer en una dictadura del proletariado. La segunda razón, porque el comunismo significa odio y luchas de clases y yo estoy en contra completamente de esa filosofía. Y la tercera porque el comunismo lucha contra Dios y la Iglesia.” –[f]idel [c]astro [r]uz, Abril de 1959. Conversación con el periodista católico Ignacio Rasco
A little reminder to all of you that certain “leaders” will say anything at any time to further their agenda — or get elected.
(H/T Jose Reyes)

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  1. There really, truly are people who have no qualms whatsoever about doing whatever they think it takes to get what they want. The ends (theirs, obviously) justify the means–ANY means, period. Castro has been lying outrageously his whole damn life, and I seriously doubt he’s ever felt even slightly badly about it. On the contrary, I think he’s always been mighty pleased with how many people he’s managed to deceive. That’s the way these types are. There’s no morality issue because to them that’s foolishness, just something for chumps. They’re simply playing a game, and they’re playing it to win.

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