“negotiating” with castro, inc.

You know people who don’t know jack shit about Cuba always ask why the United States can’t sit down and negotiate with the regime in Havana. The answer is so simple: you can’t negotiate with someone that doesn’t want to concede anything.
Case in point. In 2003 the castro brothers cracked down on the fledgling dissident movement in Cuba. They rounded up 75 independent journalist, librarians and others. They tried them for various and sundry crimes against the revolution and sentenced them to long jail terms. More than 50 remain in prison 5 years later. At the time the European Union imposed some sanctions against Cuba in protest. But then a socialist government was elected in Spain and that country began to lobby the rest of the EU to remove the sanctions. The sanctions were suspended and then ultimately removed altogether. We were told that Europe was giving Cuba the carrot first and then there would be a “dialogue” about human rights.
But the regime is not interested in a dialogue on human rights or any other issue for that matter. They publicly state that the the way treat Cubans is an internal matter and that anything any other government says on the matter is an affront to Cuban sovereignty. No, the regime does not want a dialogue, it wants MONEY as long as the sanctions were in place (even suspended) Cuba could not get the economic cooperation agreement with the EU that it wanted.
Well today we learn that the E.U. is committing $38.8 million dollars “in financing next year”. The European Union, that is involved in its own financial mess, will be lending Cuba (the biggest deadbeat borrower in the world) almost $40 million.
What about the dialogue?

[Cuban foreign minister] Perez Roque said Cuba welcomed the agreement because it imposed no conditions on the communist-run country, while still opening a path for dialogue “without interference in international affairs, and with mutual respect for political independence.”

In other words, Europe just got played.
No, suckers is too soft. If the only downside was that Europe lost some cash they would be suckers. The truth is that Europeans are enablers. Their money will help finance the continued operations of the repressive machinery that they supposedly condemned in 2003.

3 thoughts on ““negotiating” with castro, inc.”

  1. How sad this is happening. And with this, the propaganda will continue against us. When will people realize that the Castro is an imbecile!?

  2. They are painfully aware that castro’s regime is a tyranny, they simply don’t care. More important in making up their minds whether to send help or no is Spain’s and the rest of E.U.’s investments inside Cuba.

  3. This isn’t sad; this is business as usual.
    Some of it is simply amoral money-seeking (however delusional) by Spanish business concerns and governmant functionaries stupid enough to believe they can somehow coax or cajole Castro, Inc. to pay its debts (or at least part thereof). Needless to say, ethical considerations do not concern these SOBs.
    Some of it is the beyond-obvious ideological affinity between the Zapatero crowd and the Castro regime. Again, the true welfare of the Cuban people is irrelevant.
    And some of it is the eternal, infantile, pitiful anti-Americanism of “progressive” Europeans in general and the Spanish in particular (see 1898). Spain’s Cuban colony was a major cash cow, and Spain still wants to profit at Cuba’s expense.
    That’s why all the “mother country” stuff is pure bullshit, because no decent mother screws over her own children. In other words, if you want me to treat you like my mother, you can’t treat me like a heartless bitch.

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