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  1. Isn’t this just like asking if Republicans committed or allowed 9/11 or more realistically, that they pushed forward on the Iraq War for political reasons?
    I mean ,most analysts expected that the Democrats had a pretty good chance to win the Presidency anyway. Why would they dig a hole for themselves that the democratic president would then have a hard time getting out of? If they fail to fix the crisis, we will have no one to blame but democrats and we’d see a shift back to the Republicans.
    Besides, they won the midterm elections and took control of congress in 2006. The economy was already in the downturn. It seems silly to think they would tank it even more when the electorate was already lining up behind them.

  2. I honestly believe that the blame goes to the following… democrat controlled congress,the “Federal” reserve, bankers, the “federal” income tax, the patriot act, wastful spending, outsourcing, the poor choice on behalf of the president in invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11 dependence on foreign oil, and lastly the people for living beyond their means and causing those damn socialistic bail outs. Everyone is to blame.

  3. Kyle,
    Was the economy “already in a downturn” in 2006?
    Which candiate stood to benefit most with a failing economy?
    With the lowest approval rating in the history of this country, why would Pelosi and co. not want to even listen to arguments or debate on the oil/gas crisis we were facing that was probably the enzyme for today’s economic woes?
    Why did so many democrats continue to support and laud Fannie and Freddie despite dire warnings and predictions?
    Im not big on conspiracy theories, but the actions and behavior of democratic leaders these past two years have been rather dubious, to say the least.
    Im not accusing them, mind you, but then again, i woulnt put it past them.

  4. I think that the only way we can fix things is if obama does become president, then he can try to fix things using big government and once everyone sees what a failure he is, bring in a true conservative reformer. McCain unfortunatly does not believe in half the thing he says Conservatives don’t like him because he’s liberal on most issues. Either way the country will endure four years of hell.

  5. Although I would never doubt how low the Democrat party is willing to stoop, I seriously doubt their leadership has the intellectual capacity necessary to carry out such a Machiavellian scheme. However, living up (or better said, down) to their reputation as vulturistic opportunists, the Democrats have jumped all over this turmoil not in order to fix it, but to twist and manipulate it to their advantage.
    They have a very simple list of priorities:
    1. me
    2. me
    3. me
    4. democrats
    5. me

  6. They didn’t tank the economy but they have a political interest in economic hard times, and they’ve exploited opportunities to exacerbate the economic problems. A good example is the failure of the first bailout bill in the House. The Democratic House leadership controls the agenda and the scheduling of votes. No bill gets voted on without the Democratic leadership’s approval. Yet Nancy Pelosi brought this important bill to a vote without first insuring that it would pass, and before the vote she gave a partisan speech that seemed intended to provoke Republicans to vote against the bill. You can’t prove that she wanted to sink the bill, but the circumstantial evidence suggests that that is exactly what she was trying to do. (And, of course, she succeeded.)

  7. Nope. It was sheer incompetence. The Democrats have owned the chairmanship of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs (Christopher Dodd) and the House Committee on Financial Services (Berney Frank) for two years.
    Just completely asleep at the switch.

  8. If the Democrats knew what they were doing, the answer would be, yes they would tank the economy to get elected. However, they are a bunch of fools: would you trust Nancy Pelosi to manage a Dairy Queen? Ditto Harry Reid. They did so no deliberately, but out of incompetence.

  9. We can put some of the blame on ex-president Jimmy Carter, not only for his recent “confirmation” for Chavez in the rigged Venezuelan recall election; but also his betrayal of the Shah of Iran and his generals and his tacit support for the Ayatolla during the Iran Hostage crisis .. .

  10. I’d say YES.
    But I think that they never thought that it would get that bad. They probably figured a little tweak here, a little push there and it would smell enough to insure a Dem win.
    Problem was that the world economy was shaky enough that a little push sent it tumbling down.

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