Shame on the New York Times

So the old gray lady has finally come out of the closet, although her ample rump has been peeking out of the garderobe for quite a while now. The New York Times has made it official by endorsing Obama in an editorial liberally laced with oil of vitriol. For added emphasis, the endorsement was not on the editorial page but on page 1.
That Obama is the chosen one is fine by me. I would expect no less from them. But I am fed up with mealy-mouthed individuals and entities donning the cloak of self-righteousness to complain about McCain’s “negative campaigning.” If the media, starting with the Times itself had been doing its job vetting the candidate, had they made clear to the public what all of BO’s rhetorical flourishes meant, the McCain campaign would not have been forced to do it. Had Senator McCain been as unscrupulous as they are accusing him of being, he could have made great hay out of the Rev. Wright angle.
Where is the indignation and the outrage at all of the “code words” for old the Obama camp has been hurling McCain’s way or the sneers directed at “Joe the Plumber” by the same? Not to mention the treatment of Governor Palin. To scathingly dismiss Palin as completely unfit for the office, at the same time they endorse a man for his rhetoric, his vision, his composure reeks of the whited sepulchre.
What makes me see red, however, is the treatment they have visited on Senator McCain, a man who has done more for this country than the entire lot of them at the New York Times, and they do so in the service of a man who has spent his whole life seeking out those who hate this country even as he was availing himself of everything it had to offer, who has not one legislative achievement to his name. It is vile.
To adopt their reasoning, the validity of anything they had to say is lost in the scurrilous nature of their attack on a man who most definitely does not deserve it. Dirty, dirty, dirty.

7 thoughts on “Shame on the New York Times”

  1. You’ll be happy to know that the NY Times’ stock has gone down 51% in value, and been downgraded to junk investment grade by S & P. Moody’s is about to give them the same rating. Couldn’t happen at a better time, don’t you think? The old Gray Lady has no credibility left. Why would anyone in their right mind bother to read it?

  2. The New York Times is an absolutely vicious and vile newspaper. I can’t think of an entity more responsible for our suffering that that old, putrid gray hag: the dastardly Herbert Matthews [may he be buring in Hell] the chief editor of the NYT’s in the 1950’s created fidel Castro after all! What’s more, the NYT’s continued to rub us Cuban-Americans raw for years constantly editorializing for engagement with castro, a lifting of the embargo, the sending of Elian back to Cuba and a general whitewashing of castro’s crimes. You name it, if it was against the self-interest of the Cuban people and favorable to castro, they sided with it!
    I’m happy that its stocks are down. Thanks to the blogs and Fox News, there currently exists a backlash against the mainstream media and their odious anti-american, pro-marxist superciliousness as typified by the New York Times! The old gray hussy has in deed lost credibility and sales! May her end be near!!

  3. Not to mention Duranty’s covering up of Stalin’s genocide in Ukraine, for which this bastard won a Pulitzer which the NYT has refused to return, if only as a small salve for the murders of millions they helped to hide from the world. Fucking bastards.

  4. I always remember Newt Gingrich saying, “If you want to know what the liberals are doing, listen to what they are accusing conservatives of doing.”
    You could take every line of this endorsement and turn it on its head using that mantra.
    This is propaganda, the big lie, incorporated. Should our worst fears come true and we get what I expect Obama and company will bring, there will be no need for him to censor this vile newspaper, it will already be where he wants it to be.
    As an aside, I am getting a little fed up with most of Fox News in their major hours, as well. Enough with the fair and balanced. They are not helping our side as much as they should and they are hated by the left anyway. They have Bush and McCain disease. Maybe they are hoping to win more independents, too. I feel reasonable people getting squeezed out of the dialogue.
    If it weren’t for babalublog, and other good blogs like these, I’d go bonkers.

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