Shooting Michael Moore

The movie that Michael Moore doesn’t want you to see:


Kevin Leffler, the director of “Shooting Michael Moore,” grew up with Moore in Davison, a suburb of Flint, Michigan. Not only does this film reveal what a hypocrite Moore is, it also debunks the myths about Cuban health care as portrayed in Moore’s “Sicko.”
Leffler traveled to Cuba, and with the help of Cuban dissident Dr. Darsi Ferrer, he was able to film inside several Cuban hospitals using a concealed camera. One of those hospitals was the Hermanos Ameijeiras, the same hospital where Michael Moore took his guests. According to Moore, any Cuba can receive medical care at that hospital, but “Shooting Michael Moore” proves that he was lying.
“Shooting Michael Moore” premieres in Miami TONIGHT, October 24 at the AMC Theatres at the Mall of the Americas – 7795 West Flagler St.
David E. Baker Entertainment will open the film in Los Angeles, New York, and select cities in Michigan on December 5.
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T/T: The Real Cuba, and a humble, heartfelt thanks to the brave and tireless Dr. Darsi Ferrer for all that he does.