Surprise! Cuban DGI helped Ayers and the Weather Underground

From Dave In Texas at Ace of Spades, quoting a New York Times article on Dr. Antonio de la Cova’s excellent website:

NYT: Cuban Intel Agency Aided the Weathermen; DGI Intended to Recruit Prospects to Work in US Government
According to this article in the Times from October of 1977, reporting on a leaked FBI report.
Shocking, I know. A leaked FBI report through the NYT.
I purchased the article from the archives too, just in case, here’s the .pdf

-Three years before militant members of the students for a Democratic Society split off to form the Weather Underground Organization in 1970, North Vietnamese and Cuban officials were influencing radical antiwar strategy through foreign meetings. Many of these meetings were held in Communist countries, including Hungary, Czechoslovakia and North Vietnam.
-The conduit for contact in the United States was a group of intelligence agents assigned to the staff of the Cuban Mission to the United Nations in New York. These agents arranged for American youths to be inculcated with revolutionary fervor and, occasionally, to be trained in practical weaponry by Cuban military officers through the so-called Venceremos Brigades.
-After the Weathermen went “underground” in 1970 and many of them were being sought by the F.B.I. on criminal charges, Cuban intelligence officers were in touch with them from both the New York mission and the Cuban Embassy in Canada.
-Cuban officials helped several Weather Underground adherents who feared arrest in the United States to travel to Prague, Czechoslovakia, and then to reenter the United Slates surreptitiously.
The report linked the growing militancy of certain members of the Students for a Democratic Society, which resulted in the so-called Days of Rage in Chicago in 1969; to North Vietnamese advice the year before to choose youngsters who would battle with the police.
The North Vietnamese, according to S.D.S. literature of the time, had suggested that the antiwar movement needed not just intellectual protesters but also physically rugged recruits.

So, which WeatherUndergrounders did they help?

In another incident, the report said, four Weathermen who had been in Cuba with the Venceremos Brigades were sent back to the United States through Czechoslovakia rather than through Canada with other brigade members to lessen their chances of being arrested by the United States authorities. The four wanted to get back to the United States safely after the explosion of a house in Greenwich Village killed two members of the Weather group, Dianna Oughton and Ted Gold, and the Cubans “obliged” them by making the European travel arrangements, the report said.

Informant Larry Grathwohl […] said he’d been given instructions from Bill Ayers on the code system for contact set up by the DGI.

“In February 1970, leading WUO member Bill Ayers told fellow underground WUO member Larry Grathwohl that if communication could not be made through these Canadian numbers, an individual should get in touch with the Cuban Embassy in Canada in order to establish contact with other members of the WUO,” the report said.
“To do this an individual should use the code name ‘Delgado’ when referring to himself and the person with whom he desired to make contact,” it said.

Was Ayers one of the 4 they brought back through Prague? I don’t know, but I’d sure as hell like someone in the media to ask him.
If they actually gave a shit about Ayers, which of course, they don’t.

Not relevant to Obama’s campaign at all. At all. Move along, now. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

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  1. George –
    Who exactly should be surprised by this? Sgt. Carter on Gomer Pyle, USMC? Always remember the maxim of the Old West – “The Blackhats Ride Together.” Bet Sen. McCain could tell stories about “Vietnamese” who were very fluent in Spanish.

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