Another example of lazy media trying its best for Obama and the Dems

Ruth posted a link to a Time magazine video which I found fascinating. The video is about the “generational shift among Cuban-Americans” to the Democrats that I have thoroughly debunked. But what is astonishing to me is that the star of the the video is Giancarlo Sopo.
Why is that astonishing to me? Well because Sopo is a surrogate of the Obama campaign. Here’s just one TV appearance that he has made on behalf of Obama.
Not only that, Sopo is a paid employee of Democrat Joe Garcia’s campaign for congress. Garcia paid him $1,800 during the last quarter, mainly for blogging about Joe’s campaign. In short he and his employer have a vested interest in propagating the myth about the generational shift. Yet Sopo is never identified as a political operative. One is given to believe he’s just some guy that the reporter found that represents “a new generation”.
But I don’t blame Obama, Joe Garcia, or even Sopo for trying to get over on the media. That’s their business. I blame the media that is so easy to get over on.
The Wall Street Journal published a nearly identical SEPTEMBER 2007 story about Sopo and the “shift”.
Hedcut Stipple illustration of Sopo from
similar piece run by the WSJ

Time essentially repackaged the same story. Note that there’s nobody in the Time video that even tries to refute the claim of the shift. Instead they show some dingbat who claims to be a Republican who “like uh doesn’t care about castro and the embargo and stuff, uh.”
Why didn’t they interview any of the young Cuban-Americans that I’ve met over the last year that are supporting McCain and other Republican candidates and that do believe in a hard line against the castro brothers? They aren’t that hard to find. There’s a facebook group called “Young people for the Diaz-Balart Brothers“. I guess that line of thinking wasn’t convenient to the story Time wanted to tell.
Such shabby reporting is the exact reason the mainstream media is losing all credibility. When we know more about Joe the Plumber than we do about Barack Obama, something is wrong.

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  1. you can’t escape the guy, he’s everywhere representing “the shift”. he’s nothing a loudmouth, one man shift.

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