Washington Post publishes article by a Cuban-American!

So what’s the catch, you ask?
It’s from Jorge Mas Santos, who proclaims that:
“Both presidential candidates have made clear that they want to help the Cuban people achieve freedom. But Barack Obama’s forward-looking and proactive approach toward empowering the Cuban people is more in line with these proposals than John McCain’s vow to continue the Bush administration’s policy.”
Jorgito goes on:
“Cuban Americans are wary of empty promises. But on Nov. 4, before casting ballots, we will ask ourselves two important questions: Who will adopt a proactive policy toward Cuba, and if dissidents in Cuba had a vote in our election, for whom would they vote?”
But wait a minute? I thought the whole “vote for Democrats Obama, Joe Garcia, Raul Martinez” point was based on us finally shucking stale and pointless concerns regarding Cuba and adopting mainline U.S. voters’ rational and timely concerns such as health-care, jobs, etc.?
Jorgito, make up your mind.
No one (outside Miami) reading his article titled How to Win the Cuban-American Vote would guess that John Mc Cain enjoys the support of 70-80 per cent of Cuban-American voters, the most lopsided percentage from any ethnic group in the U.S, and indeed in the world.

8 thoughts on “Washington Post publishes article by a Cuban-American!”

  1. This guy is a disgrace, remember the much heralded contribution to the Cuban hurricane relief? Well, he and his family have donated more than double that amount to the democratic party and its diverse entities. He and all these Obama besaculos should be shunned by the decent Cubans everywhere, let them socialize with their new friends.

  2. What the hell???? after his father did so much he is going in the complete opposite direction. to think that his dad was such good friends with reagan and now he is rubbing elbows with the damn socialists

  3. Jorge Mas Santos forgets one thing. Raul Castro is no General Jaruzelski. The Polish Regime was authoritarian to be sure to the extent of maintaining Communist Rule. Beyond that, Poland was a far more, shall we say enlightened regime as regards to economics and freedom of movement.
    The Castro Regime is “Stuck on Stalinism.” That is the problem. -S-

  4. Jorge Mas Canosa is doing more than just rolling in his grave; he is doing pinwheels due to his son’s political direction.

  5. Jorge Mas Santos is such a worthless piece of shit he’s not even worth mentioning. His mother must be just as worthless to allow her son to destroy everything her husband worked for.

  6. What is wrong with you people? One guy strays off the reservation and you totally lose your S***! Just because he wants a different strategy in dealing with Cuba doesn’t mean he wants normalized relations that is quite the jump…or a leap from sanity to insanity to say the least.
    Good idea…lets ostracize those that vote for Democrats. Come to think of it lets organize and maybe have someone on each block report who has an Obama sign on their yard. Then we can go there and persuade them to change their minds….damn all this sounds awful familiar.
    Mas Canosa was much more politically adept than y’all give him credit for. Not only did he rub shoulders with Reagan he did the same with Clinton and Jesse “Viva Fidel” Jackson.
    Mas Canosa is dead and there is no telling what he would have done and frankly speculating is pointless. Why all the hate? Mas Santos is so reviled I’m sure that LTC Simmons is going to out him as a commie agent in the next installment of Mano Limpia.
    Dr.Shalit – get a clue. The Castro Regime IS totalitarian but there is still a distinction between that and Stalinism. The Castro’s are nasty but Stalin they are not.
    Lighten up people, it’s an election…not the end of civilization. We’ve lost them before and survived.

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