A message to Jorge Mas Santos

You are an embarrassment.
I suppose I could write a lengthy, detailed essay on why I believe the aforementioned to be true. But what would be the point, really? You already know it to be true in the grape seed that seems to be your conscience, whether or not you choose to accept it.
Your editorial in the Washington Post -purporting to speak on my behalf as a Cuban-American- endorsing Barrack Obama for President, proves one thing and one thing only: you have placed politics – and money – before convictions and, thus, learned absolutely nothing from your father.

6 thoughts on “A message to Jorge Mas Santos”

  1. The day CANF became irrelevant was the day Jorgito hired Joe the Fro to be Executive Director. Joe le comio el cerebro con la come mierderia de los democratas.

  2. It is hard to find an example of an apple that has fallen farther from the tree than Jorge Mas Santos. He is not only an embarrassment to the Cuban-American community, he is an embarrassment to the memory and the legacy of his father.

  3. If McCain pulls this election out, it will be the final shovelful of dirt on the grave of the once great CANF. Destroyed and discredited.

  4. Embarrassment? Niurka Marcos is an embarrassment. This simpering, effete, wannabe “leader” is a disgrace. At the very least, he confuses and clouds an issue that most Americans are already very ignorant and misinformed about, and he lends himself, deliberately or not, to be used by the enemies of Cuba’s freedom. He’s pathetic.

  5. Mandingo from NY here,
    It’s a dark sad day in Cuban American history. Jorge Mas Santos you have betrayed your people. May God have mercy on your soul.

  6. I said it in another post but the reaction to Mas Santos op-ed is just shameful. Forget whether you disagree with what he says or not…why does a difference of opinion have to be treated in such a manner. He hurled no insults, invectives or barbs – he made his point and moved on. Why the hate. Everyone wants the same thing – no more Castros – but you guys think that you are the ONLY ones with the answer.
    If people can’t agree on what is the one true path to the kingdom of God what makes you think we are all going to agree on the one true way to rid Cuba of communism. They way that everyone has to toe the line to be in your good graces is sad. We live in democracy for God’s sake.

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