3 thoughts on “Can you say “thin skinned”?”

  1. George,
    What infuriates me the most is that so many Americans have become so blind so dumb and so stupid they cannot not see and understand was is taking place here.
    The Republican ticket is the only one that can be heavily grilled by the media, the other ticket cannot do any wrong and is always right and beyond reproach and must be treated with kid’s gloves.
    Where is this freaking country going?
    The leaders cannot be questioned by anyone, as they’re the absolute authority and the ones with the only truth?
    What kind of bullshit is this?
    God forbid if the Democrats would be getting the kind of interviews John McCain and Sarah Paulin are getting every time they have gone to a MSM show.
    The Democratic ticket has gotten such an easy pass from the MSM media that is totally unbelievable!

  2. C’mon guys, can’t you answer the hard questions?? This is what I like to see. Politicians put on the spot. Whether it’s Republicans or Democrats, these questions need to be asked. This media bias is becoming more and more evident each day.
    BTW, was that Michelle Malkin?? WHEW!!

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