“McCain Pals around with Terrorists TOO! So THERE!”

When John McCain addressed a crowd of Bay of Pigs veterans and former Cuban political prisoners last year he learned that he and his fellow POW’s in North Vietnam had shared torturers with the Cuban-American freedom fighters then hosting and applauding him, which included the longest-suffering political prisoners in modern history, having suffered prison camps, forced labor and torture chambers for a period three times as long in the Castro/Che Gulag as Alexander Solzhenytzin suffered in Stalin’s Gulag.
“Anything that I and my friends might have experienced is nothing – nothing — compared with what some of the men in this room went through,” a gracious John McCain said as many of his hosts misted up.
“I’m introducing a man who suffered the prisons, as I did,” said Roberto Martin-Perez, who introduced McCain on the podium.“This honor that’s been conferred upon me is not only mine but the thousands of victims who have suffered because of this terrible doctrine’ (Communism.)” Senor Martin-Perez suffered 28 years in Castro’s Gulag, repeatedly spitting in the face of the Communist torturers who demanded his “confession.” Thus The Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Democratic Underground all recently denounced Senor Roberto Martin-Perez (who also narrates a McCain campaign ad) as a “terrorist,” and McCain’s association with him as the Republicans’ own Ayers scandal.
Fine. Let Democrats equate an anti-communist U.S. citizen who honorably stood up to 28 years of torture by sadists serving a Stalinist regime that denounced the U.S. as “a vulture preying on humanity!” and came closest to nuking us, to Bill Ayers. And let that Stalinist regime’s dictator endorse their candidate. No Republican campaign ad could make the ramifications of this election any clearer.
Much more on the details of this torture in this article.

2 thoughts on ““McCain Pals around with Terrorists TOO! So THERE!””

  1. Quoting Max Lesnick over at the Huffington Post, LOL
    A Gucci Marxist who lives in Coral Gables and whose daughter Vivian lives in Bevery Hills!!!
    Roberto Martin Perez is a Cuban patriot who was never broken by that squalid regime in Havana, for the record he is personal friend of my father since Cuba!!!
    William Ayers is a disgusting coward and communist bastard who should be in Hell with Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Che and the rest of his heroes!!!

  2. Honestly guys I can’t wait to see the destruction that Obama causes. I can’t wait to here people say, “Hey Obama promised tax cut for 95% of Americans”….

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