Moderate Republicans? You can keep ’em

An excerpt from a column that nails these RINOs to the wall:

Given our current situation, it’s deeply ironic that moderate Republicans spent the last few years completely ignoring conservative concerns and insisting that if only the dumb right-wingers would listen to them, they’d create a majority that would last for 40 years.
Let’s see, there was Campaign Finance Reform, the Medicare Prescription Drug Program, No Child Left Behind, The Gang-of-14, Harriet Miers, the Dubai Port Deal, illegal immigration, out-of-control earmarking, deficit spending, the bailout, and probably another half dozen different disasters that I’m blocking out because they’re too painful to think about.
Then, after all of that, these RINOS helped to nominate the least conservative GOP nominee since Richard Nixon and only a few months later, many of those same people turned right around and supported his opponent, the most liberal Democratic nominee in American history.
You know their names: Lincoln Chafee, William Weld, Colin Powell, Christopher Buckley, Wayne Gilchrest, Richard Riordan, Douglas Kmiec, Scott McClellan, Ken Adelman, & Michael Smerconish among others.
At least one of them should have the common decency to reprise that great line from Animal House,

(Y)ou can’t spend your whole life worrying about your mistakes! You (screwed) up – you trusted us! Hey, make the best of it!

Oh, and these RINOs are already blaming Sarah Palin for McCain’s defeat. May I remind these assholes that Palin is the ONLY reason McCain has the numbers he has today. Period. They should unleash her without all the idiotic stage management and stupid media decisions they’ve made.

6 thoughts on “Moderate Republicans? You can keep ’em”

  1. How can you seriously think that unleashing Sarah Palin would be a good idea? With the lowest approval rating of any candidate, she’s done little to help and plenty to hurt the McCain campaign.

  2. Alfonso, let me repeat myself since being a RINO may have damaged your reading comprehension: Palin is the ONLY reason McCain has the numbers he has today. If McCain had picked anyone else the numbers against him would be in the double-digits — and I include Fred Thompson who was and is the only true conservative in the race. He was and my first pick and Henry’s as well.
    As it stands tonight, eight days from election day, McCain has a fighting chance for an upset. Why? Because Palin energized the conservative base of the Republican Party and may have awakened the Democrats worse nightmare: THE SILENT MAJORITY…

  3. Hah, if only I were a RINO. 😉
    Defending a through-and-through idiot like Palin does one no favors. Perhaps if she were more intelligent or more articulate, or able to even bullshit answers to questions about what outlets of media she pays attention to…
    Seriously, conservatives sell themselves short on Palin’s shoulders.

  4. Alfonso,
    Compared to Biden, Sarah Palin wins hands down buddy boy. The man only opens his mouth to change feet.

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