Obama October Surprises Himself

We’ve all become acquainted with the political lingo these days. “Swift boating” means telling the truth about a Democrat. An “October Surprise” is telling the truth right about a Democrat, right before the election.
Obama and his supporters have been wary of “Swift Boats” and “October Surprises” throughout this election, they have been “girding their loins” for it.
But as they tried to silence critics and avoid the tough questions, they forgot to muzzle one person: Barack Hussein Obama.
Obama happened upon a plumber in Ohio and was knocked off his prepared talking points when that plumber had the temerity to question Obama’s tax plan. Joe the Plumber became an instant celebrity to the right and public enemy number one to the left.
But the important thing is that Obama’s mask fell askew and many Americans were able to see what was behind it for the first time: socialist tendencies toward punishing the wealthy. This is not “change”, this is not new.
Many of us already knew Obama’s true colors. We had seen how Obama told Charlie Gibson how higher taxes were the right thing to do even if they resulted in LESS revenues to the federal treasury. It was a matter of “fairness” you see. But not everyone is a political news junkie. Most Americans simply missed the exchange.
Well, the internet is now abuzz with something new. Actually it’s something old. A 2001 Barack Obama who could not have envisioned himself running for president just seven years later, an unguarded Barack Obama talking to friendly constituents in Chicago, a town where the corruption at city hall is revered and domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers are just guys who live in the neighborhood. In the clip from 2001, Obama makes no bones about his view on wealth and how it must be distributed. He explains that regrettably the Earl Warren Supreme Court wasn’t “that radical”. He then tells a caller that the courts aren’t the best venue for redistributing wealth anyway. It’s an administrative process.
What will the Democratic nominee say next? Will he disavow himself like he has so many others who were once useful to him? Will he call a press conference, look into the cameras and say with a straight face: That’s not the Barack Obama I knew.
Many on the right have been frustrated by Barack Obama’s short resume and therefore the lack of dirt on him. But this, of course, has been aided and abetted by the cheerleading news media in our country. A variety of bloggers and non-traditional journalists have dug up the most damning material on Obama. It begs the question, what the hell were Hillary’s aids doing?
If Obama loses this race (a big if) there will be a lot excuses thrown around. Racism, the Bradley effect, fraud, etc. But the truth is that if John McCain gets elected it will be because Obama surprised himself by telling the truth to a plumber in Ohio within earshot of a microphone. He will have been hoisted by his own petard (or Swift Boat, if you will).

2 thoughts on “Obama October Surprises Himself”

  1. But the truth is that if John McCain gets elected it will be because Obama surprised himself by telling the truth to a plumber in Ohio within earshot of a microphone.

    I fear it is too late to stop the Juggernaut of Ignorance surrounding the Obama campaign. I will not be surprised – I vowed that 1992 would be the last time that a presidential election surprised me – but I will be greatly saddened by the future that my fellow citizens will have elected to saddle themselves with. 2008 appears to be the “perfect storm” of economic conditions, a public desire for a painless gov’t fix and socialist control of both the Executive and Legislative Branches – not to mention concerns over facist repression by the Obamists of their opposition. The republic will survive this, but it will be forever changed…

  2. Diogenes,
    I believe that if Obama is elected next Tuesday the Republic will go through the darkest days since WW2.
    Whether we’ll survive only God knows.

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