The Axis of Taxes & The End of Prosperity

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There is a chill in the air infidels and it ain’t the weather. If the polls are right and barring a Harry Truman like upset, the country will elect its first socialist President. It’s a sign of what happens when people get panicked. They make rash decisions. There are some panicky people out there and to them they think the change offered by the Junior Senator from Illinois is the Answer. But the wind is chilly indeed infidels. The signs are there for a long cold winter. The writing is on the wall. An Obama administration will see a chilling of the First Amendment which cannot be imagined. It will be akin to what Hugo Chavez and Putin are doing with their media. Their bringing back of the [un]Fairness Doctrine to stifle opposing viewpoints is just the start. Ask a cross question of Mr. Obama or his lackeys are you will be blackballed. Speak contrary to Mr. Obama and your background will be investigated and your private affairs will be plastered all over the media. This is hardball Chicago politics infidels. Speak cross to the fuhrer from the south side of Chicago and you’ll have your Tax Returns audited or you’ll all of a sudden you’ll be investigated in front of a grand jury or simply harassed by Obama’s brown shirt liberal lackeys. Or you’ll be unfairly labeled a racist.
Am I insane? Heck, the signs are there right now – conservatives are afraid to express themselves for fear of chastisement or worse, bodily injury. It’s that ugly infidels. Wear or hold up a McCain sign and you’ll get the finger from an absolute stranger or you’ll have your property vandalized. You thought that the Nixon and Bush 43 Administrations played fast and loose with civil liberties? Those guys pale in comparison to the mob style Chicago politics that you will experience under the Axis of Taxes. We will see where the true patriots are in the darkest of times. Those who scream the loudest on civil liberties now, will they continue to scream when their boy is in power? The silence will be deafening.
You will see a bear market akin to the one that lasted from JFK to Ronald Reagan. You will see the rebirth of the nanny state. There is a chill in the air infidels and it ain’t “El Dia de los Muertos.” The Axis of Taxes will be in full power and so will be a total socialist takeover of the United States. Why? Because people panic; Bush panicked, the Congress panicked, and the Fed panicked.
This administration and congress will be remembered like Herbert Hoover for all of history. And those who support and follow the Junior Senator from Illinois and who ascribe Messianic qualities to him and who worship him and who see their salvation in him, because of their fear and hatred shall be responsible.
The Axis of Taxes will not just “spread the wealth”, they will “spread the misery.” I hope I’m totally wrong on this one folks. I truly hope I am wrong. The reality is folks, that four years from now, I truly hope that things are better for us all for unlike those on the extreme left, I don’t root for things to tank because they help me politically. The left puts party first, not country first.
You see infidels, as a trial lawyer, I stand to gain under an Obama administration. It will be easier to sue companies and more legislation will be created to allow more lawsuits. Unionization and labor fights will rise. I’m a labor lawyer and that’s good for my business. So I will be kept busy under an Obama administration. So by all means, I should vote for Obama, right? I vote for the health of the country first. Just listen to the Obama interview on NPR and you’ll see what is on the horizon. I cannot in good conscience vote for the Junior Senator from Illinois, even if it will benefit me in the short run. I cannot fathom the possibility of Supreme Court justices in the mold of Obama sitting on the High Court for the next 30 years. I cannot fathom the dismantling of our military and our national security as Barney Frank has promised. While the people are out there working hard so they can have their wealth spread around, there will be champagne and caviar flowing in the White House with the new kid in town and their media elites. But my hands are clean folks. Don’t blame me for what we’re about to experience. That is why I voted for John McCain.
Read the chilling article here from today’s WSJ.

3 thoughts on “The Axis of Taxes & The End of Prosperity”

  1. I saw Stoppard’s play Rock ‘n’ Roll with a liberal friend.
    It is about many things, among them how we know things and the willingness of some people to believe what they want to in spite of the evidence before them telling them they are dangerously wrong.
    A lot of the play takes place in Czechoslovakia after the Russian invasion of 1968.
    At intermission I turned to my friend as if to say “see?” Her reaction? Bush is the invader and destroyer. And Obama will save us from him.
    How did this happen so easily to intelligent people in this country? How did everything get so easily turned on its head?
    If the msm is losing readers and viewers why do they still have so much influence on so many here?
    I am feeling sick.

  2. That would make a great t-shirt: The Axis Of Taxes! LOL!
    In my county here in Georgia, it is McCain-Palin country so I don’t see or hear about vandals ripping out McCain signs (or Obama signs for that matter). What concerns me more than taxes is polarization. Because the more polarization there is, the harder it is to solve any problem and work on any issue with battle lines being drawn. I just hope whoever wins can bring America and Americans more together to tackle some tough issues.

  3. Mike:
    Is Obama proposal to increase taxes only those earning more than $150,000 merely a Castro (Hitler and Lenin’s too) method of “peeling the onion” one layer at the time, and as one source is exhausted keep dropping the limit.
    Larry Daley

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