6 thoughts on “URGENT: Here’s a wealth of Obama’s “Redistribution of Wealth” philosophy — from 2001!”

  1. Unfuckingbelievable. With all of the shit that’s coming out now, Hillary’s team must have been asleep at the switch. This is too late.

  2. That they are denying it, when they can hear him say it, without interruption and in context, shows the level of mindless support Obama gets.

  3. I don’t know if they are mindless, George, or single-minded. I suspect many of those who deny with their mouths are, in fact, true believers; folks who think that the cause of Marxism justifies any means, any lie, any trickery.

  4. I am absolutely amazed that anyone who has half a brain would believe anything this guy says. He will say anything to win. But he is business as usual. Look at his economic advisor who was CEO of Goldman Sachs. Look at the joker who headed his VP search. Wasn’t he head of Lehmann Bros? And wasn’t he involved with Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac? And what about Reines? How about the 95+million he made from Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac? (I can never keep the two straight).
    The republicans must not want to win it this time around because there is a wealth of valid information on this Obama character that they seem unwilling to lose. Maybe they think he will trip on his tongue. So McCain is the sacrificial lamb. I don’t know. I only know that I have never felt so angry and hostile against a political figure as I am now. And the thought of having to see him up there with his voodoo queen wife and that disgusting Barney Frank, and Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi. Well, all I can say is, no wonder gun sales are way up. Let’s hope the American Voter gets wise to this jerk. Put the dems in power in the congress; don’t give them the white house as well. Especially to someone who wants to give away what you and I have earned to people who don’t work. (He also believes in a form of reparations for blacks. My ancestors weren’t slave holders and even if they were, why should I have to pay? These slave descendents have all kinds of advantages if they chose to use them.)

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