Jorge Mas Santos, the Liar

The destroyer of the Cuban-American National Foundation was on local TV tonight touting Barack Obama and claiming that Obama would not meet with Raul Castro unconditionally.
Obviously he’s aware of Obama’s own words:

After initially making this the cornerstone of his foreign policy Obama has since backtracked by saying “preparations” would have to take place. But he still has not taken back the statement.
Mas Santos unfortunately has disgraced himself. Obama’s buddy Ayers is a Castroite but Mas doesn’t care. Obama was against the embargo that CANF is supposedly for but Mas doesn’t care. I guess Mas just doesn’t care.

2 thoughts on “Jorge Mas Santos, the Liar”

  1. Henry, I also saw him on Aza (another Obama shrill) who continually has the idiot, Dan Restrepo, a “Latin American expert” for Obama on…
    What is Mas Santos on these days???
    Is he delusional??? Obama has said time and time again he would meet with Raul and Chavez, WITHOUT ANY PRECONDITIONS…Plus, how about Fidel’s 2 endorsements, as well as Chavez excoriating Palin just last week. (I wonder why, huh?)
    Lastly, what the Hell was that statement of his that McCain has not yet associated himself with the freedom fighters inside of Cuba???
    Again, Mas must be off his meds, because this is a patriot who fought the commies in Nam, has Roberto Martin Perez as his major Cuban policy advisor and has always stood shoulder to shoulder with this community.

  2. Jorgito has been disgracing himself for quite a while. He may simply be too stupid or deluded to realize how horrendously bad he looks. He’s certainly the spitting image of cluelessness.

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