2 thoughts on “Mace! It’s what’s for breakfast.”

  1. This must be a Karl Rove plot to fool the American people into believing libs/leftists/anarchists are violent. They are not, I tell you. How can you say such a thing when they cry over fallen trees?

  2. Remember when everyone got a big chuckle out of the Muslims who were saying, “Islam is the religion of Peace and if you say otherwise WE’LL KILL YOU!” Well, irony and hypocrisy are not exclusive to Muslims. The religion of liberalism is the same way! They hold up signs saying GIVE PEACE A CHANCE! And if you don’t they’ll beat you over the head with it! See it’s ok for Ayers and che to kill innocent people in the name of “peace” but the US is immoral for going to war to try and bring peace and stability to the Middle East.
    Hypocrites! Just like Jim Bakker was to Christianity!

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