Obama’s Ambassadors

Anti-American terrorist and Obama pal, mentor and confidant Bill Ayers took a quick hop down South last month, bringing co-conspirator and terrorist wife Bernardine Dohrn along with other “intellectuals” to the island of Cuba.

Janice Misurell-Mitchell: “I traveled to Cuba for six days this past September with several colleagues as part of a conference on ‘Useful Art’, or art that includes aspects of social activism. Sponsored by Cáthedra de Arte Conducta, an arts program hosted by the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, the project was conceived by Cuban visual artist and University of Chicago faculty member Tania Bruguera. My colleagues were Chicagoans Tom Mitchell, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers; our group, ‘Team Havana’ thus included a scholar, two political activists and an artist. Our work was to present lectures and informal sessions, films and videos, and performances. While Tom, Bernadine and Bill met with visual art students at the offices of the journal Criterio, I presented three sessions to music students at the Instituto Superior de Arte.”

As is the norm in these “cultural exchanges,” we’re led to believe that the visit was all about art and music, yet anyone with a modicum of common sense and anyone familiar with the castro regime knows that these trips are all about two things: politics and propaganda. We know both of these terrorists are self-proclaimed communists, we know that at least one of them, Dohrn, traveled to Cuba inthe late sixties to meet with VietCong and we know that the Weather Underground recieved instructions back then from the Cuban DGI:

An FBI Agent Testified In 1980 That That The Weather Underground Had Received Instructions From Intelligence Officers With Cuba’s Mission To The United Nations. “A Federal Bureau of Investigation agent [James Vermeersch] who followed the activities of the Weather Underground organization in the early 1970’s testified today that some members of the militant antiwar group ‘received instructions’ from intelligence officers attached to Cuba’s mission to the United Nations.” (Robert Pear, “F.B.I. Agent Says Cuba Officials At U.N. Instructed Weatherman,” The New York Times, 9/25/80)

Make no bones about it, folks. Ayers and Dohrn were in Cuba doing Barrack Obama’s legwork. Paving the way for future tete-a-tete’s should Obama prevail come November.

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  1. By the way, I’m watching CNBC this morning…The state of Florida is in dire straights…Although there she was Ms. Alex Sink CFO of the state stating that Obama would be good for small business owners in Florida….WTF…are people thinking? I can’t wait to see these putas cry when they see the true intentions of the Marxist Ocaca.

  2. Babalu Writers: Feel free to reuse the “Prepare Barfbags Now”. heading for this type of story. I don’t mind a little repetition; besides it’s a good attention grabber.

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