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  1. I watched Obama’s half hour. Ugh. The man has no shame. He talks like a conservative and represents himself as in love with the American dream, but all he praises is sad people, people who don’t have enough money and the government has responsibilities to help them. He is calm, sympathetic and utterly unpresidential. I don’t need a social worker for my president. I need a commander in chief. Nothing he said gave me confidence he has a clue on what really matters in a President.
    In ’80 the Phillies won the World Series and Reagan won the presidency.
    In ’08 the Phillies won again. Now it’s up to McCain to do his part.

  2. Mandingo here,
    Yes, great post, but even with Obama’s talkin with Iran and lack luster support of Israel, here in New York City, the majority of Jews like 80 to 95 % are still going to vote for Obama like if their lives depended on it. Of course, most of them believe that Bush was behind 9/11.
    My city has gone mad, Obama buttons everywhere, especially with the 18 to 30 age group and females!
    I am so grossed out I want to leave and move to one of those American places Governor Sarah talks about.
    My city, NYC has a death wish.

  3. October,
    Your city (out of all places, and many Americans for that matter) has already forgotten about the event that took place on September 11, 2001.
    I feel so sorry for your city and what’s coming to them if they don’t wise up.

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