8 thoughts on “A pre-lunch apéritif”

  1. If McCain wins the people here in NYC and in the red areas won’t accept it – they will say he stole the election.

  2. Just got back from the McCain rally in Miami!! I’m pumped up people!!! We can’t get discouraged. It’s really close!!!!! Let’s make sure the mainstream media gets to eat their words and that they all get put in a rubber room on November 5!

  3. OK. Let’s make it happen!
    My entire family has now voted and we are praying every night through election night for a McCain – Palin victory. I urge you to do the same for the good of our country.

  4. Not IF they win, but WHEN they win! I feel very positive. Finally got to vote today, only 20 minutes at the Government Center downtown.

  5. I just voted today and even though I had to wait about one hour and forty minutes to cast my vote I felt proud afterwards for my contribution to help elect the McCain/Paulin ticket to the highest office in the land.
    We’ll see what happens next week.

  6. I’m praying a lot myself too and suggest that all of us that comment on this blog do so because there is so much at stake for this great nation and the free world in this election that we need all the divine help that we can get.

  7. There are a thousand reasons why I hope McCain–Palin win this election, but honestly—the thought of seeing Keith Olberman’s head explode is my heart’s desire.

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