Can these people actucally be Cuban-Americans?

“Many people today are failing to get their medicine or they are in a house they can’t pay for,” said Raul Martinez, the Cuban-American former mayor of Hialeah who is running against the Republican incumbent, Representative Lincoln Diaz-Balart. “That is not the America we came to.” The audience cheered; he shouted louder.
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No Martinez, that is PRECISELY “the America we came to.” And most of your current supporters came to it PRECISELY because it was NOT socialist, because socialism had a made a nauseating mess of their own birthplace. You and your supporters are perfectly free to return to your country of origin, where such items are paid for by the state. Instead of campaigning to supplant the means for your supporters’ improvidence and stupidity from productive Americans, why not–simply GO BACK TO CUBA!
In case you haven’t heard: that system has been tried. And your district is full of refugees from it.

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  1. The problem in Cuba isn’t socialism/communism, it’s an oppressive dictatorship. You act like if Cuba suddenly opened their markets and let free enterprise reign in ala China everything would be fine and dandy.

  2. Keyrat,
    You voted for Zapatero twice? twice? the same guy that keeps fucking the Cuban people left and right and on every day ending in the letter y?
    Dude, and you have the gall, the audacity, to come here and post comments and expect anyone to even begin to think about beginning to take you seriously?
    Not only are you and ass, but a hypocrite and an idiot as well.
    BTW, when did Spain take over ruling Atlanta, Georgia?

  3. I voted for Zapatero only in response to what the opposition was proposing, and to basically slow down the extremism that was coming about in government. The first time it was to try and make sure that the Partido Popular wouldn’t have a majority government, but that backfired because after the 11-M attacks everyone voted for Zapatero (I voted by mail two weeks before). The second time was because Mariano Rajoy is a horrible person, and Zapatero had barely advanced anything, which I saw as a positive. Sometimes you need to vote for the guy that doesn’t have any big plans. I will most certainly be voting Partido Popular in the next election.
    As for Cuba, I agree that Zapatero has been irresponsible, but I’m not as extreme as you all are. I definitely don’t see US policy helping out any Cubans in Cuba at all. Great, you’re with them in ideology, but in practice there’s no progress. At least Spain builds up infrastructure over there; Even if the party steals 90% of the money given to them, 10% will go to actually bettering the country. You can’t argue that when Cuba had more money (Soviet times) that Cubans didn’t have better access to food and infrastructure, even if the government was robbing the people blind.

  4. I repeat..”Cuban KeyRat” is not “KeyRat”…just in case. This guy is giving “Rat” a bad name! Damn Liberal Wussy Spaniards!

  5. key rat,
    Spain builds up infrastructure? Are you for fucking real? Spain enriches itself at the expense and exploitation of the Cuban people, asshole. It is, BY FAR, the BIGGEST SLAVEMASTER on the island.
    Do me a favor and just let this go right now, as one more peep from you at the moment and I will ban you from even entering the site.

  6. I’m convinced that the socialist and communist pigs of the world are truly on hunt to bring our great nation down…Shit if they can’t beat us, just make us one of them….Sorry to tell you, but even if Ocaca wins and his true colors come out, he won’t be able to do shit. The American people won’t stand for it. If you don’t own a weapon, get one…You never know you just might need it.

  7. I wonder what KeyRat is doing here, why isn’t he back in his socialist paradise? I just spent two weeks there living life as a Spaniard, not a tourist (with family). First of all, most of the development they have reached has been at the hands of a conservative party, the Partido Popular. Thanks to their socialist governments, to include the current one, they are burdened with taxes in order to give out superfluous handouts. You educate yourself and work hard, but can’t make enough to really get ahead. The system drags you down to the lowest denominator in order to appease the lazy and irresponsible. As for universal health; yea, it’s available, but you stand in line waiting to get serviced because the government has to prioritize with limited funding (oh, and they take a healthy chunk of your salary to pay for it). Therefore, I have a relative that has a cronic eye problem, constantly bothering her, makes her miserable, yet, she was recently told she would have to wait 10 months before they could operate! People like KeyRat, and his liberal cousins in the US, are hypocrits. Spain and the rest of Europe can drown themselves in misguided social programs, but please leave us alone. Last I checked, none of your economies have ever been able to match up with ours and the US is still viewed as the land of opportunity, development and progress. Keep your slovenly socialist systems, they’re decaying and are ripe pickings for cultures/societies that are hungrier, more aggressive and determined than yours are (ever heard of Islam?). I’d recommend you go back to your paradise and please take all the idiots in this country that want to bring us DOWN to your continents level.

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