10 thoughts on “Instead of Watching the Obama the Marxist Infomercial Tonight, You Can Watch Groucho Marx”

  1. Good point George. Watch the Marx Bros. then listen to Babalu radio hour then watch the world series

  2. “…you can’t fool me, there ain’t no Sanity Clause.”
    Things to do tonight:
    1) Watch the Marx Brothers.
    2) Listen to the Obama Antidote Edition of the Babalu Blog Radio Hour.
    3) Watch the World Series.

  3. No torture yet devised can make me watch Obama’s infomercial tonight. Not in the lifetime, or the next, or the next…

  4. of course even if we don’t watch it, which we won’t since we have brains and and can think for ourselves, they’ll play his BS on the TV news for the next week.
    Obama is more annoying that the constant drip drip drip of diarrhea.

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