Krauthammer on Biden (UPDATED)

On the Dennis Miller Show yesterday, Charles Krauthammer, in a wide-ranging interview, broached the subject of Obama’s VP nominee, Joe Biden, by calling him “preternaturally stupid and dangerous.” Krauthammer added something which, ironically, can apply to most liberals: He’s dangerous because he is stupid but thinks himself smart.

UPDATE: From The New York Post: Yes, he’s a moron.

2 thoughts on “Krauthammer on Biden (UPDATED)”

  1. RE Biden’s recent remarks on maximum wages to be subject to increased taxes:
    it would seem that Biden is warning us or he is incompetent to serve as vice-President, or even perhaps he wants Obama to lose

  2. You want stupid? Try the people who elected him and, more especially, have continued to vote for him to keep him in Congress.

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