4 thoughts on “MSM casualty #1?”

  1. I wouldn’t call it a casualty. I’d call it forward thinking on their part. The incredible expense of printing newspapers is simply not justifiable anymore.

  2. I agree with Henry, it’s an innovative stab. It’s a great paper for those of us interested in foreign affairs. Even now their daily e-mails are priceless. I for one plan to subscribe because it is a worthy product.

  3. The Miami Herald has been rapidly loosing circulation. When will they cease to print? George Moneo will have to look for another source to wrap fish and line his bird cage. Herald reporter Oscar Corral saw the writing on the wall when he quit and took the buy-out package. Rumors are that he is now counselling sex addicts on the dangers that soliciting teenage prostitution have for a career in journalism.

  4. Carlina, allow me to correct you. The Miami Herald is nowhere near good enough for my animals waste products…

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