Spanish government abandons Human Rights for Cubans

You may remember the 2007 BUCL campaign denouncing the government of Spain’s complicity with the castro regime’s exploitation and oppression of the Cuban people. There was a lot of criticism directed at that campaign, but I am proud of having taken a stand against the current socialist government of Spain and their collaboration with the murderous, repressive castro regime.
Especially so after reading this:

Venezuelan and Spanish ministers refuse to recognize democracy project in Cuba
Havana, Oct 28, 2008 / 06:35 pm (CNA).- The founder of the Christian Liberation Movement and promoter of the Varela Project—which seeks peaceful democratic change in Cuba—Oswaldo Paya, criticized the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela and Spain for offending Cubans by their lack of support for the re-launching of the initiative.
Last week at a press conference held by the Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs Nicolas Maduro and his Spanish counterpart Miguel Angel Moratinos in Madrid, Maduro said that the Varela Project had “little credibility,” and Moratinos decline to comment.
Oswaldo Paya responded to the comments in a letter to reporters saying, Maduro “offended Cuban citizens who have promoted the ‘Varela Project’ and the Spanish minister seconded me by his silence, thus avoiding having to speak the truth.”
“These officials have offended thousands of Cuban citizens who have signed this petition for a referendum, which is also a demand for fundamental rights and which the Cuban government is denying its citizens,” Paya said.
“Lord willing, the people of Venezuela will learn of this,” he continued, “and whatever is left of the free press there will report this so that the Venezuelans will see the rights they will totally lose” if they live under a regime like the one in Cuba.
Paya explained that the “Venezuelan government needs totalitarianism to continue in Cuba because Cuba is its sanctuary and the model for its plan to have permanent and total power.”

What happened to those reasurances from Spain that they would include the issue of Human Rights in their negotiations with Cuba? I’ll tell you, Spain asks about Political Prisoners, and Roque reassures that there are no political prisoners in Cuba. End of conversation, and no doubt Spain is relieved not to have been required to mess themselves with such “untidy” details.
I may not agree with Oswaldo Payá Sardiñas engagement premise for the Varela Project, but for Spain to snub him, and by extension, all those brave citizens who signed the project, is an outrageous violation of international diplomatic protocol for nations supporting the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The Spanish people should be ashamed for electing this socialist groupie to dictators.
Meanwhile my friends, here we are, witnessing one more notch carved into Cuba’s belt tally towards international “normalization.”

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  1. Such things as this repeat the reasons why the Spanish were thrown out of Cuba, or at least until “el pichon de gallego” took over.

  2. I’m so sick of Spanish backstabbing I could puke. I mean, plenty of countries have screwed Cuba, but if anybody should have made DAMN sure never to do that, it’s Spain. It’s like a mother pimping out her daughter and not even caring if the johns use condoms. Truly, deeply revolting.

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