4 thoughts on “<em>The most corrupt politician you will ever see in your life</em>”

  1. Wow, I always knew this to be true but it really packs a punch when a former police officer says it!

  2. What you don’t know is that kid , was harrased to the point his family had to sell the house in Hialeah and move to Homestead, cause the Hialeah police would stop him and harrass him and his mother and His Father, they once broke into his house and executed a search without a Warrant and beat the kid senseless, they said they were looking for drugs.
    Then The Miami Police also beat him and put him in jail for 7 days the family didn’t know where he was,His father works for the county.
    This is the kind of abuse of power this henchman Raul Martinez has in Miami.
    No wonder his father ran prostitution houses in Cuba, this is first hand knowledge , not that someone else told me.

  3. Peter Perez,
    Are you serious about this?
    Can you say how you found out about it?
    That I can recall that follow-up story about the kid never came-up in the local media but it does not surprise me at all if it did happened knowing what I heard over the years about Raul Martinez.
    If I was the kid’s family I would have called the TV stations at that time and raise a big stink about it.
    It would have put Raul Martinez and the police departments on the spot for their actions.

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