What does it say about a candidate?

What does it say about a Presidential candidate when the only retort he and his campaign can come up with to tough statements by his opponent is to say that said opponent is “erratic” or “desperate.” Time and time again, whenever Smokin’ Joe Biden (he must be smoking something) sticks his foot in his mouth, or Obama lets loose one of his leftist propaganda slogans and the McCain campaign or the press calls them on it, the only explanation they can come up with is to attack the messenger.
I know Obama is promising change, and hope, and all that wonderful, feel-good, tingles-running-down-your-leg type feelings, but how is he going to reverse global warming, stop the rising seas, and usher in his Utopian societal dreamworld if he cannot even defend himself against mere mortals?
Just what does it say about a candidate whose best defense is hiding?

2 thoughts on “What does it say about a candidate?”

  1. It says he’s got plenty to hide, and he’s bound and determined to do it, at least till he reaches his goal. See Fidel “I am not a Communist” Castro.

  2. The Obama machine is just like the lawyer that defends a rapist or a child molester; the only defense is to destroy the accuser.

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