Election Fatigue from Marta’s Cuban American Kitchen

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I apologize in advance. Yes, I know it’s Thursday, but no, there’s no recipe today.
With all the tension we’ve been experiencing this election season, I, like many of you, have lost my appetite for the moment. (Only for the moment.)
But fear not, I do have plans to post some more of my wonderful recipes very soon; like boliche, and my croquetas and even an awesome sopa de chicharros. For you non-Cubans, that translates to a Cuban-style pot roast, croquettes, and split pea soup.
And I swear to you, my Split Pea Soup is to die for. I will be posting those recipes soon after the election.
So until then, my fellow Babalúsians, “visualize whirled peas.” =D
Keep the faith.
~ Marta

7 thoughts on “Election Fatigue from Marta’s Cuban American Kitchen”

  1. So until then, my fellow Babalúsians, “visualize whirled peas.”
    Well, if the Most Merciful Messiah, the Lord Obama is elected, whirled peas might be the only thing I can afford.

  2. Marta, yo hice chicaros el domingo! The yellow ones… although there is not way I can find chorizo (Spanish-style) over here in the Rockies.
    It’s so nice that I get to cook them here when I WANT to; that the sole idea of being force to eat arroz, chicaros y huevos –yet one more time in my life– scare the hell out of me 😉

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I have not had an appetite all week and that is VERY, VERY, rare for me, I have not even dipped into my Halloween chocolate supply. I am looking forward to the croqueta recipe. I have been wanting to learn to make them for a while. My aunt would make them out of every imaginagle left over. My favorites would be the ones she made with left over carne asada, very tasty.

  4. Cubanita, same here. If you need any chorizos I will send you some. Ziva and Marta, the same with both of you, if you need any cuban food items just let me know.

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